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Weekly Nest Notes: Brilliant Beauties

E15 and E16 have begun to look so much alike over the week it is hard to tell one from the other. It was just about 7 weeks ago that these two were little helpless Hatchlings.  They now stand with balance and confidence while preening, walking the perimeter of the nest and flapping their amazing wings. E15 and E16’s dark Juvenile feathers are brilliant and their stature is stunningly beautiful.

E15 and E16 are progressing at a steady pace and will soon be adult-size. They spend more time awake scanning the nest for food morsels and other treasures. These next weeks will see them getting stronger, begin flap hopping around the nest, and looking to expand their horizons. They daringly perch on the nest rails observing all that moves in their view. E15 seems to have no fear standing on the edge, stretching to pick at the outer branches of the nest tree, or “talking to” Mom or Dad perched above.

Harriet and M15 keep meal deliveries constant as E15 and E16 wait and track their arrival with the catch of the day. E16 watched Dad flying in, timed a great first-time mantle, got and protected the food. E16 first then E15 are graduating to early efforts in self-feeding as they use their feet and beaks in tandem. Dad dropped a few fish for them to work on but Mom eventually came to feed her growing babies. They are smart curious Eaglets learning and practicing behaviors that their survival out of the nest will depend on. E15 and E16 have been in command of the nest for longer periods and sometimes overnight as Mom and Dad remain within reach for their protection. Harriet and M15 make all opportunities available for E15 and E16 to thrive and succeed on their paths to becoming exceptional Eagles.  Nest Notes by dadsjazzHeader photo from SWFEC cameras

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage

Video by Lady Hawk

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