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Weekly Nest Notes: Breaking Records Along the Way

E15 and E16 are intelligent and observant Eaglets taking the lessons of Eagle life in stride. At 8 weeks old they are almost fully grown with magnificent wingspans that allow them to flap away,  jump, and gain airtime in the breezes. They are balanced and confident in their jaunts around the nest and time perched on the rails. E15 has been eyeing the veranda and porch branches and looking curiously the Starlings perched there. Seeing Mom and Dad in the upper branches may have been an invitation for adventure. On Monday, 5-25-2020, E15 nonchalantly flap walked to the veranda branch for the very first time at 55 days old. E16 looked on as E15 perched there calmly preening their tail feathers maybe thinking, “I’m next.” This has been a record breaking Season for Harriet, M15, E15, and E16.

Harriet and M15 delivered a large array of prey over the week including lots of fish, mammals, and birds. E16 executed huge mantels, grabbing and keeping the food arrivals. By the week’s end, E15 was gaining ground on their mantling skills. E16 has always been craftier at getting to the food knowing when to make the right move.  Steals back and forth occurred as each Eaglet took a try at their “ catch.” Both improved their self-feeding as Mom and Dad let them struggle with their prey for a time before stepping in to help. E15 and E16 watch the de-feathering and de-furring lessons with anticipation. Snatching prey from Mom and Dad shows good progress in strength and courage which will serve them well when they are on their own.

E15 and E16 will gather and hone more skills in the weeks ahead as they learn to survive in a the big world outside the comforts of the nest. They will achieve many more milestones and will be introduced to circumstances and opportunities they may encounter along the way. E15 and E16 will be well prepared for the future with the encouragement and example of remarkable Eagle parents. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage

Video by Lady Hawk

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