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Weekly Nest Notes: Mighty Wings Catching Air!

E15 and E16 are making great progress and are gaining strength and confidence. They catch the wind with their mighty wings, flapping, hopping, and jumping around the nest. E15 visited the veranda branch over the week and is comfortable perching, preening, winging, and watching the world go by. E15 studies the upper branches looking for the way to get there. Hovering to higher heights is on the way.  E16 “wingersizes”  in the breezes gaining the courage to make it up and out to a branch soon.

E15 and E16 are learning valuable lessons as the meal deliveries are mostly dropped and left for them to figure out. They track the arrivals and ready themselves for the battle to grab the prize. They warn the each other away and even fend off  Mom or Dad. E16 gets to the food first many times but gives up when E15 goes in for the steal. E15 has always been more aggressive at mealtime while E16 has been sneakier and quicker grabbing pieces from Mom or Dad. E16 is getting more assertive when moving in to steal the food. Self-feeding is getting better for both but they still look to Mom or Dad for help. Harriet may go to the nest eventually to feed her big Eaglets but she makes them work for each bite. Finding food sources by stealing from other birds and Eagles will be an essential skill for their survival in the wild.

E15 and E16 are becoming more independent having command of the nest as Mom and Dad spend time away throughout the day or roost in a front pine overnight. Harriet and M15 are never far or out of sight of the nest. This Season has extended into the warmer and stormier summer months. They all brave the heat and Harriet arrives to stand with E15 and E16 when wind and rain move through the area.  E15 and E16 are under the care of exceptional Eagle Parents who selflessly provide all that is needed for the nourishment, enrichment, and success of their priceless family.     Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage

Video by Lady Hawk

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