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Weekly Nest Notes: Branching & Flying!

E15 and E16 practiced throughout the week high hopping around the nest feeling the wind beneath their majestic wing. By week’s end, E15 had visited more of the branches on the nest tree. On Monday, June 15, thrill-seeker E15 flew to the outer branch from the attic and in an attempt to get back to the nest, ended up on a branch below the nest. The next try to get to the nest found E15 on the ground exploring the pasture. The accidental fledge had E15 walking through the tall grass and taking a short flight to the fence by the pond. As a horse trotted by to check the new visitor in the pasture, E15 flew to the grass on the office side of the pond. E15 rested there eventually making a long flight to a front pine staying put for the night. E16 who had been content keeping talons in the nest was treated to food drops and ate peacefully in E15’s absence. Not wanting to be left out of the excitement, E16 took the first step off the nest up to the veranda on Tuesday, June 16. A few hours later, E15’s desire to get in on a meal prompted them to execute a beautiful flight around the pasture and back home to the nest.

E15 and E16’s are becoming more skilled in many areas. When meals were sparse for a few days they learned that food is not available all day every day. Hunger is a great motivator and E16 became more aggressive at the next meal delivery and better at holding on to the food. E15 used great maneuvers and pushed their way in to grab a share of the prey. E16 has learned to eat faster so not to lose the meal. Harriet and M15  will try to take the food away and play the opponent if  they take too long to eat. E15 and E16 will face fierce competition for food on their journey in the wild. They will need to pass these tests with flying colors so to speak!

Harriet and M15 have accomplished an amazing feat with their second clutch for this Nesting Season. They are working well into their usual vacation time and Harriet took some time off possibly perching just out of view.  Her treasured E15 and E16 were in good hands as M15 continued supplying food and guarding the territory.  Harriet and M15 are rewarded for their dedication and perseverance with strong and thriving offspring. The saga has been a wondrous experience all around for this beautiful Eagle Family and viewers alike.   Nest Notes by dadsjazz

E15’s Fledge and Return to the Nest Video by Lady Hawk

Ground video by wskrsnwings

E16’s BranchingGround Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage

Video by Lady Hawk

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