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Weekly Nest Notes: Time for Flying & Discovery

E15 and E16 were kept occupied by Dad as Mom was off on a mini-vacation. E15 has been exploring the pasture and beyond. E16 has been comfortable staying at the home front waiting for a meal to be delivered. At this point in an Eaglet’s life, Moms are usually ready for them to move on. Mom may be in the detaching process as her job raising her family is mostly done. Dad continues to feed and look out for the youngsters. M15 has been stellar providing for E15 and E16 while Harriet relaxed in a shady spot out of sight. M15, E15, and E16 might have known her whereabouts all along since M15 never seemed to be concerned. A few days later, E15 flew to meet up with Mom. E15 returned to the nest right behind Mom as she flew to her favorite treetop perch. E16 was excited to see Mom and spent a long while chattering away to her. Harriet may have reappeared to give her grown young Eagles a gentle reminder that it is time for flying.

E15 is more of a discoverer traveling to new places, missing some landings in the West pasture trees, but getting right back to flying. E15 enjoyed the panorama from the treetop perch in Mom’s absence launching there with ease.  A new experience for E15 was spending the overnight atop the camera 2 tree. E16 seems to be more focused and sure-footed in short flights around the nest tree with perfect landings. E16 hovers above the nest in the wind with great control. The timing to make that first giant leap is for E16 to decide. A miss-step or one little slip may get E16 going off the easy branches and into the air.

E15 and E16 have accomplished many milestones in preparation for their future. They are still gathering more knowledge and sharpening their skills. They will remain in the area for a while working on all they have learned. Harriet and M15 have encouraged them in their development along the way. They are inquisitive, energetic, and eager young Eagles with a penchant for adventure.  One day that spark to roam will urge them to take to the skies to discover the wonders of Eagle life on their own.  Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage

Video by Lady Hawk

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