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Nest Notes: Flights to Adventure

E15 and E16 have been quite the explorers over the week. With purpose and speed, E16 took the first flight off the porch branch to follow E15 and M15 with breakfast. E16’s fledge voyage was on July 1 to the Camera 2 tree with a perfect landing. E16 missed on the attempt to fly back to the nest and flew short trips from place to place. E16 eventually found the lawn area between the office and the pond to rest a while. E16’s first day of freedom was both exciting and exhausting. Efforts to get back to the nest before nightfall took E16 on another round of short flights around the pasture. E16 found a safe place to roost for the night then began a morning of new encounters.  E16 successfully returned to the nest tree the next day and every night since, while E15 confidently roosted atop the Camera 2 tree.

E15 flew to the pond to join E16 in the new discovery which has proven to be a great oasis for them. These two have arrived there earlier and spent more time there than most of their previous siblings. They fly hopped along the bank, jumped in and out of the water, and took sips and dips. They wrangled with sticks and things in and around the pond and then with each other.  Their instincts kicked in as they took first baths making sure they dunked all the necessary parts in the water. E15 and E16 relaxed through the warm afternoons perching on the shady fence posts or pylons, napping, and keeping an eye out for Mom or Dad.

E15 and E16 have accomplished amazing feats in taking that giant leap off the nest tree. They both are perfecting their flying skills and agility. E15 sails around the pasture, across the road for a moment and back. Soon they will be flying higher, longer and farther. Harriet and M15 dropped prey in different places around the pasture to encourage the beginning of hunting. E15 and E16 are fast to the food and battle to keep possession. The coming weeks will see them using their intellect and innate abilities to survive in the wild. These impressive Juvenile Eagles are growing into their dominance and fierceness for the challenges they will face in their future flights to adventure.  Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage

Video by Lady Hawk

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