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Weekly Nest Notes: Fantastic Flyers

E15 and E16 are over 100 days old and have many of the tools they need for Eagle life on their own. They are strong, inquisitive, and eager Juvenile Eagles seeking new experiences. Their natural capacity for wonder finds them at the pond exploring and foraging through the plants and perching on the fences and trees. They enjoy a drink, romp around the pond bank, grab at sticks and stones, and take refreshing baths in the water. The pond provides them with quiet, shady comfort to rest and conserve their boundless energy.

E15 and E16 are developing more skills in searching for food. Harriet and M15 bring prey to areas around the pasture encouraging them to find it. E16 is exceptionally aware of an incoming meal and has learned to wait on vocal alerting not letting E15 in on the arrival. E15 is very aggressive and barrels in to snag the food. E16 has become more fierce in defending and keeping the food, great lessons for each. Both E15 and E16 have flown out to meet Mom or Dad delivering prey. Harriet and M15 begin to challenge E15 and E16 to follow along on the hunting expeditions. E15’s fish discovery on the pond bank provides a good association of fish with a body of water. Days of sparse food and days of abundance is how life will be in the wild.

E15 and E16 will remain in the area for a while longer as they learn more and perfect their abilities. They have both ventured across the road and E15 perched in the tall snag there to get a better perspective on the territory. Their keen senses are fully engaged. They keep an Eagle eye on all the activity and the whereabouts of Mom, Dad and each other. E15 and E16 gain agility and control in their beautiful jaunts around the territory. Their drive for adventure will take them on fantastic flights as they prepare for their ultimate journeys. Nest Notes by dadsjazzHeader photo E16 flies to the nest for food. 

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage

Video by Lady Hawk

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