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Weekly Nest Notes: Rough and Tumble Raptors

E15 and E16 remain in the area practicing and perfecting their skills. They tweak their flying abilities adding twists and turns sometimes missing a landing. They proceed with a good recovery to fly off to another branch or tree. They made their presence known in the pasture swooping around the pond chasing away the birds and ducks gathered there. Soaring the skies above the territory takes them farther to seek out new and interesting adventures.  E15 and E16 are coming into their own as each spends overnight hours and time perched away from the nest. They assert their independence and individuality as strong and accomplished Juvenile Eagles.

E15 and E16 stood guard on the front snags watching for Harriet and M15’s whereabouts and a sighting of food on the way. They made mad dashes to the food drops and engaged in intense competition for possession. A few battles took place at the pond rock wall and one big scuffle resulted in both going over the nest edge. Both righted themselves and flew off unharmed.  Some of these rough and tumble encounters may have caused soreness to E15’s foot or leg. E15 instinctively began to lay low and rest for a few days to heal any injuries. E15 found quiet comfort in the oak trees at the pond. E16 took every opportunity getting to the food deliveries unchallenged, keeping them, and eating in peace. Determined E15 regained strength, recovered, and resumed being a dominating force. E16 grew in confidence to stand firm in many coming skirmishes for food.

E15 and E16 experience Eagle life on a small scale in their safe environment. Their struggles are real and will be even greater when they are on their own. Their survival hinges on overcoming the many obstacles they encounter. Harriet and M15 have provided a wealth of examples and lessons to these fierce young Raptors. E15 and E16 will soon be out in the big world using the knowledge they have acquired under the care and watchful eyes of exceptional Eagle parents. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage

Video by Lady Hawk

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