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Weekly Nest Notes: A Season of Surprises

Harriet and M15 traditionally are just returning from their Summer break after a Season of raising their offspring. They reunite, renew their bond, and begin the process of working on their nest for the upcoming nesting Season. The 2019/2020 Nesting Season has been extended and has been one of twists and turns. Harriet and M15 withstood many tests that come with Eagle life and faced adversity with courage and resilience. They dealt with the sudden loss of their priceless Eaglet E14 and nonviable Egg 2 with determination to continue their legacy. Harriet and M15 rebooted the Season, proceeded to lay another clutch of eggs, and presented E15 and E16 to the world.

Harriet and M15 exemplify the dedication of Eagle parents as they nurture their young. They will endure many hardships to ensure the proliferation of their species. They protect, defend, and impart their knowledge of Eagle Life to their young. E15 and E16 have been reared by the best and Harriet and M15 have invested countless hours preparing them for their future places in the realm of Eagles.

Harriet and M15’s vacation will be a short one since the next nesting Season begins in October. This Season has been an interesting one at that. E16 embarked on their life’s journey soaring off into the South East skies. E15 has decided to linger for a while longer not quite ready to begin their life of discovery. Eagle parents keep up the care as long as their offspring remain in the territory.  M15 continues to deliver a meal for E15 as Eagle Dads will provide food more so than Eagle Moms. Harriet, M15, and E15 have been observed perching in the pasture trees and other areas and roosting together overnight in the nest tree. As of this writing, E15 is still in the territory and seems content to watch the skies for Mom or Dad for now. The many surprises of this Season may keep coming as the saga continues.  Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage

Video by Lady Hawk

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