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Weekly Nest Notes: Comforts of Home- Oct. 12

 E15 remains in the area and is enjoying all the comforts of home. E15 explores areas of the territory but doesn’t venture far just in case there is an opportunity to get a meal. M15 and even Harriet presented food and E15 took them up on their offerings. Surprisingly, Mom and Dad are feeding their capable Juvenile Eagle. E15 did manage to “hunt” a few items including a frog on his/her own. E15 is in no hurry to leave the area and may stay as long as food is easy to come by.

Harriet and M15 made themselves scarce most days returning to the nest area in the evenings. They seem to be working toward the new Nesting Season. They have been observed engaging in their mating rituals. Harriet usually lays Eggs in late November, but nest renovations seem to be on hold with E15’s presence. For now, the nest is a serving at times as a dinner table for E15.

Security is always a concern as others are looking to carve out territories of their own. The curious Owl paid a visit to the nest tree and watched E15 for a few minutes before flying off. Hopefully, the Owl will realize the nest is occupied and stay away. This Season is set to be intriguing as Harriet, M15, and E15 continue to share the home front.

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings:

  • E15 Finds An Unlikely Lookout Spot & Redesigns The Cam 2 Snag Tree 10-05-20
  • E15 Quietly Watchful & Another New Lookout Spot 10-08-20
  • E15 Successfully Hunts ~ Frog Legs For Breakfast 10-12-20

Video by JCsEagleCottage:

  • Saturday 10/3/2020~SWFL Eagles.. E15 taking it up on the attic branch..
  • Tuesday 10/06/2020~SWFL Eagles.. Food delivery, close up and rain again..! 😊
  • Wed 10/7/2020~SWFL Eagles.. Hi and goodbye E15.. 🦅 😃
  • Friday 10/9/2020~SWFL Eagles.. Thanks for the food again!
  • Friday 10/9/2020~SWFL Eagles.. Spa time for mom & dad..
  • Sat 10/10/2020~SWFL Eagles.. Dinner time for E15..

Video by Lady Hawk:

  • SWFL Eagles ~ DaddyDash Never Disappoints! Brings E15 A Fish! Harriet Looks For Nestovers 😊 10.4.20
  • SWFL Eagles ~ E15’s Morning Adventures! Pulls Off Bark On Snag & Chases Parent at Pond!  💕 10.5.20
  • SWFL Eagles ~ E15 Has a HISSY FIT Below The Nest! Sees M15 Fly in With an Armored Catfish! 10.8.20
  • SWFL Eagles ~Action At The Pond! An Osprey Catches A Fish! Harriet Steals It & E15 Claims It 10.9.20
  • SWFL Eagles ~Harriet & M15 Successful Mating On Attic 💕 A Screaming E15 Watches From Nest 10.10.20
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Smorgasbord Of Food! E15 Chases Dad & Scores Armored Catfish & Squirrel! 10.10.20
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Creepy Great Horned Owl Lands On Attic! Watches E15! SLOMO & Multi-cam Views 10.11.20

Video by Lizzy G Eaglespirit:  

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