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Weekly Nest Notes: A Tale of Two Seasons

Harriet and M15 are still in “Mom and Dad” mode as they continue to provide for E15, their offspring from last Season. The Nesting Seasons have become blended in a twist of events that included the tragic loss of precious E14 and un-hatched Egg 2. Harriet and M15 were determined to not give up on their desire to procreate. To all amazement, they restarted the nesting process and presented E15 and E16 to the world. 


Harriet and M15 expended their energy raising E15 and E16 well into their normal down-time. Juvenile Eagles usually leave to explore life on their own when they are about 120 days old.  E16 took to the skies on the journey to Eagle Life at 128 days old. E15 is over 200 days old and has stayed way past the time to disperse from the area. E15 was away for a week, only to return and be accepted back to the territory. Harriet and M15 appear to be torn between preparing for the coming Nesting Season and catering to E15’s needs. 

Harriet and M15 seem to try different strategies to encourage their grown E15 to be more independent. E15 finds ways to get a share of the food, not missing many meals. E15 joined Harriet in defending the nest tree from an intruding sub-adult Eagle. In past years, Harriet’s time for egg laying is around the end of November. Harriet and M15 have been engaging in bonding behaviors. They took sticks to the snag in the West pasture and a few to the nest. They have been working around E15’s constant presence. Many questions are raised about all the possibilities, but only Harriet, M15, and E15 have the answers. The tale of two Nesting Seasons seems to have morphed into one long endeavor.  Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage

Video by Lady Hawk

Video by Lizzy G Eaglespirit 

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