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Weekly Nest Notes: Harriet’s Choice

Harriet and
M15 continue building a secondary nest in the West pasture. Harriet seems to be
on a mission and has been bringing more than her share of sticks and
materials for Nest 2. It is not unusual for Eagles to build alternate nests in
their territory for various reasons. Relocating may have been spurred by E15,
now a little over 7 months old, staying in the area. The time for laying Eggs
is approaching, and Harriet remains focused on readying a nest for the event.
Harriet will make the ultimate choice between the two nests for the home to a
new generation of Eaglets.

Harriet and
M15 perched in their main nest tree throughout the day. They have been roosting
in a front pine trees with both nests in view. M15’s food deliveries may have
been meant for Harriet, but E15 is right on the spot to vie for the meal. It
has been a rare opportunity to observe E15 engage in behaviors that first-year
Juvenile Eagles practice in the wild. E15 swooped down into the pond after a
fish or to chase the Great Blue Heron to steal their fish. E15 ended up in the
water and did the Eagle “swim” back to the bank. E15 is developing greater survival skills. E15 defended the territory, chasing a Sub-Adult Eagle
that landed at the pond bank. E15 has ventured into the West pasture where Nest
2 is under construction. Harriet and M15 have not chased or warned E15 away
from either nest.

Harriet and
M15 remain true to their purpose of propagating their species. The Family unit
is expanded with E15’s presence. Harriet
and M15 will persevere and succeed in whatever path they choose. Making their
future family a priority has not deterred them from interactions with E15.
Their dedication to their offspring is unwavering. The role E15 will play in
this equation remains a mystery as the saga continues. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

  • H & M Are Busy At New Nest ~ E15 Lunges At M15 In Old Nest 10-26-20
  • New Nest Building~ E15 ‘Mobs’ M15 & Stick At Old Nest~ E15 & The Steeple 10-29-20

  • Breakfast At Old Nest ~E15 Is Seen In New Nest ~H & M Keep Building 11-02-20

Video by JCsEagleCottage

Video by Lady Hawk

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