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Weekly Nest Notes: Double Duty Teamwork

Harriet and
M15 have been on a steady pace constructing a secondary nest. Over the seasons,
Harriet has taken sticks to a tree in the West pasture. This Season, she added
a substantial amount there, and a proper nest began to take shape. Since the
Female Eagle rules the roost, M15 joined her in the Nest 2 project. Harriet’s
interests now seem to be on the original nest prompting M15 to turn his sights
there. Harriet enjoyed fish and opossum meals she brought to the nest and also the
gifted breakfast rabbit M15 delivered to her later in the week. M15 began
adding larger sticks and grasses to the nest as Harriet supervised his work. Their
renewed focus on the original nest makes its use look inviting and promising.

Harriet and
M15 defended the territory from night flying owls and other visitors. The week
closed on an exciting note when 3 Eagles entered the pasture and nest. A 2-year
old and 4-year Sub-Adult competed for leftovers on the nest. Harriet chased the
older of the two out of the area and flew back to the nest to run the youngster
off.  Another Sub-Adult landed at the
pond near Harriet and M15, and they all just looked at each other. Two of the
traveling beauties perched in the nest tree with Harriet and M15 on alert. M15
escorted the curious visitors out of the area in the morning. These events may
prompt Harriet and M15 to stay with their valuable real estate.

Harriet and
M15 have given us a glimpse into their lives. There are many thoughts and
speculations about what they may or may not do.
They have proven time and time again that everything is on Eagle time. What
is known for sure is they are an unfailing team committed to perpetuating their
species. Frequent mating indicates that Eggs may be on the way soon. Harriet
and M15 remain true to their path as they take on double duty, readying both
nests on their mission. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage

Video by Lady Hawk

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