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Weekly Nest Notes: Hopeful for a Full Nest Soon


Harriet and
M15 welcomed their precious E17 and E18 only to have their babies rescued by
CROW (Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife) less than a week later. As
stewards of the Earth and Nature, Humans must protect all creatures and their environment. When observations showed signs of eye infections in the Eaglets, the U.S
Fish and Wildlife Service permitted their removal and treatment. M15 flew off the nest as the bucket truck rose
to nest level and flew around the nest tree in defense mode. The Eaglet’s retrieval process was
quick, and M15 was puzzled when he returned to the nest to find his babies
gone. Harriet was away from the area at the time of rescue and returned vocal
and visibly upset to see her empty nest.

Harriet and
M15 have endured loss in their nest in previous years. They go through their
behaviors of acceptance and move on, which is a necessity in their world. Eagle
life can be harsh, and survival depends on living in the moment. Harriet and
M15 returned to check their territory through the day and perched in the nest
tree side by side overnight. They brought in sticks and nesting, worked on the
nest a little, and M15 delivered a fish for Harriet. These activities solidify their bond as a finely tuned pair. They depend on each other for support through their successes and sorrows.

E17 and E18
are recovering well in the capable hands of CROW. There is no diagnosis as of
this writing.  They are eating well, growing, and
even had a few wrestling matches. They look to be thriving in fresh
surroundings and getting a nice face wipe after a messy feeding. Hopefully,
they will soon be reunited with Mom and Dad as a beautiful Eagle Family with a full nest, again. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras) 

CROW (Clinic for The Rehabilitation of Wildlife) Video 1-29-2021

Photo by Anja Edelman from SWFEC camera

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