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Weekly Nest Notes: Growing Strong and Fast

E17 and E18 are just over four weeks old and are growing at an incredible rate. They broke into the world as two fluffy little babies only inches tall and weighing a few ounces. They now work on strengthening their legs and balancing to stand upright. They are about a foot tall, weighing around 5 pounds, with a wingspan of close to 20 inches. Their feet and beaks will soon be adult size. Darker gray thermal down covers them, and juvenile feathers are emerging. Little tails are sprouting and are about 2 inches long. E18 is catching up to E17 in development, and both are strong and thriving.

Harriet and M15 provide for all the needs of their growing babies. Food items over the week were varied and plentiful. Although fish is the preferred choice, Eagles are opportunistic hunters and will take what is available. They also steal from other sources like Vultures and Ospreys. Roadkill, fresh catches, fish, and fowl were all seen delivered to the nest. The de-furring and de-feathering processes were watched intently by E17 and E18 as they waited to eat.  They reached in for an occasional bite at a piece of the meal. They both have unique ways to get their share of the food, and they are succeeding. They learn valuable skills to survive in the nest that will carry through their lives in the wild.

Harriet and M15 keep careful watch over their precious Eaglets and protect them from all perceived threats. Overnight hours have seen the stealth flying owl continues to harass the adults. M15 has taken the brunt of the strikes, and Harriet protected her babies one night when the owl swooped the nest. The pesky owls protect what they think is their territory from the Eagles. Harriet and M15 meet this and all the challenges of Eagle life as a perfect team. They work in harmony to keep E17 and E18 growing safely and strongly day by day. 

  Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

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