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Weekly Nest Notes: Breezing Through Milestones

E17 and E18 are breezing through their growth and achieving milestones along the way. Harriet and M15 observe as their not-so-little babies add on to their lists of firsts. E17 and E18 are absorbing more lessons and honing new abilities. Walking upright with more balance and standing in the nest is becoming easier. Little flap hops begin as they exercise mighty wings in the wind. Higher hopping and hovering above the nest is in their future. E17 and E18 are losing their tufts of natal down, giving way to their beautiful juvenile feathers.

Harriet and M15 provided a variety of filling meals over the week. E17 and E18 watched the de-furring and de-feathering process of some of the prey intently. Food was scarce some days, which is a reality in the wild. Hunger is a great motivator, and E18 has begun to rush in to mantle, cover the food deliveries with sprawling wings. M15 made a first food drop-and-go as E17 and E18 dashed in to grab it. E18 got the piece, E17 reached in for the steal, and E18 snatched it back to swallow. They have been practicing with items in the nest and successfully executed self-feeding with an easy piece of prey.

Harriet and M15 are diligent Eagle parents protecting and defending their priceless family. They keep intruders at bay, alerting in the daytime hours and watching out for the stealthy owl overnight.  E17 and E18 observe Mom and Dad and gather more knowledge and skills to serve them well. E17 and E18 are destined for greatness as they develop into magnificent young raptors.        

Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Header photo by wskrsnwings

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage (captured from SWFEC Eagle Cameras)

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC Cameras)

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