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Weekly Nest Notes: Brave Beauties

E17 and E18 stand confidently tall and exercise their stunning wings in the breeze. They teeter close to the edge and spend hours tracking all that happens around and beyond the nest tree. The nest becomes smaller as they approach adult size. Their sleek dark juvenile feathers have them so closely matched, a slight white fringe on E18’s tail can help tell them apart. In a flash of time, E17 and E18 have grown into impressive strong beauties.

Harriet and M15 introduce many different prey items, and E17 and E18 are more skillful at self-feeding. Their eagerness to get a share of the food increases with each delivery. E18’s quickness allows for grab and mantle, only to often lose the catch to E17. E18 musters up inner fierceness to get back in and vie the prize. Now is a time when stealing back and forth is encouraged and necessary. E17 engages in tug-o-war with Mom, who mostly prevails. Dad’s method is to drop the food and get out fast. E17 and E18 have each snagged some smaller items and tried to swallow them whole. Dad usually won’t attempt to take food away and lets E17 and E18 learn the value of getting to the food and eating it all.

E17 and E18 practice instinctive behaviors along with many lessons learned. They bravely command the nest throughout the day and sleep overnight under the watchful eyes of Mom and Dad. The discovery of the pesky owls nesting in West pasture could explain their frequent buzzing and harassment of Harriet and M15 under cover of darkness. The owls are striving to rear and protect their family. Harriet and M15 likewise provide security for E17 and E18 and have persevered throughout. Hope is for success as all families raise their young safely. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (captured form SWFEC cameras)

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