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Weekly Nest Notes: Catching the Wind


E17 and E18 are just over eight weeks old are making great strides as all the elements in their development come together. Their behaviors and personalities are changing and emerging. They are balanced and poised as they stand and walk around the nest, seeking items of interest and any food morsels. They are more curious and watchful of life happening outside the nest. Windy days encourage them to feel the air in beautifully outstretched wings for strong “wingercising.” Their coordination improves as they grasp, hold, and carry items with their feet and beaks. Harriet added a new thicker stick in the nest center for them to practice branching. Their next steps will be higher flap-hops, hovering, and taking a leap to a branch outside the nest.

Harriet and M15 challenge their smart Eaglets and add new lessons daily. Most of the meal deliveries are left for them to vie for and eat by themselves. E18 is the first to dash to the food with a quick grab and mantle. E17 still takes the role of dominating and stealing the prey. Harriet engages them in tugging contests and at times eats their food if they are too slow. These lessons are necessary for their ability to get and keep their share of the meal for survival. Harriet’s toughness is offset by her tenderness when she still feeds her growing babies. Harriet is in full Mom mode as she checks them over, allopreens their feathers, and stands in the nest with them on windy days and overnight. M15 is lucky to get out of the way of the food drop with his toes intact.

Harriet and M15 have shielded E17 and E18 from intruders in the territory.  The night flying owls seem to be more troublesome this Season. Their nest is nearby, and they may view the area as their territory. They stay together as a family unit much longer than Eagles. Hopefully, they will move to farther hunting grounds. Harriet and M15 will continue to protect their precious family as E17 and E18 are closer to catching the mighty wind in majestic wings and feeling the freedom of flight.  Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Header photo by wskrsnwings captured from SWFEC cameras

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

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