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Weekly Nest Notes: Seeking Higher Places

E17 and E18 are approaching their 10th week as incredible young raptors, breaking through many milestones along the way. They entered the world a few hours apart, overcame adversity in their beginning weeks, and are on a clear path to new experiences. Their sights aim upwards, and majestic wings give them lift as they fly hop around the nest. E17 made the first step from the nest to the veranda branch, looking comfortable while taking in the sights. E18 stepped up to the veranda the following day with ease and enjoyed the view. They are working up more strength and courage to reach new and higher perches.

E17 and E18 practice what they have learned and engage in instinctive behaviors. They are more independent and in charge of the nest now that Mom and Dad spend more hours away in the daytime. A beautiful sub-adult Eagle flew through and landed in the nest tree one afternoon. E18 went into full protect mode with a huge mantle of wings over the nest and E17. E18 kept eyes on the visitor and vocalized a warning with a great display of fierceness. Mom charged in and flushed the Eagle from the nest tree. The visitor then circled the pasture a few times on their way out of the territory.

Harriet and M15 encourage and stimulate E17 and E18 as they hone their skills and abilities. Self-feeding is now a common practice, and E18 becomes more assertive at keeping their prey.  Many new items brought to the nest have sparked their interest. They dined on turtle for lunch together with Mom’s help eating the shell. They are also learning that there are days when food is scarce as it will be in the wild. Harriet and M15 are ensuring E17 and E18 are well prepared for success in their future adventures. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk

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