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Weekly Nest Notes: Ready for the Big Leap


E17 and E18 turn their eyes toward the sky to study the upper branches in the nest tree. They took their first steps off the nest and still practice for the trip to a higher perch. E17 explored farther out on the veranda and flap hopped to the spike. E18 is still comfortable to perch and flap on the veranda branch.  E17 and E18 will soon ready for their first flight away from the security of the nest.

E17 and E18 are right on target in their development and possess many of the tools they will need through their lives. Their stature is amazingly adult-like. E18 appears to be the size of Mom and E17 looks to be Dad’s size. There seems to be less and less room in the nest with their amazing wingspans. Food deliveries are usually a quick drop-off as they rush in with a flurry of mantling wings. Many times it is hard to tell what the prey is and who has it. They are mastering stealing back and forth. Mom hurries them along when she arrives to take their food and begins to eat in front of them. There is always a hungry someone looking for an easy meal. E17 and E18 must learn these hard lessons to survive in the wild.

E17 and E18 have natural tendencies for curiosity and adventure. They are observant and aware of all that happens in the nest and beyond. The scenery will expand when they reach higher branches in the nest tree. One new item of interest leads to another, and eventually, they will trust their abilities to take that giant leap to where the sky is the limit.  Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Header photo by wskrsnwings from SWFEC camera

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

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