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Weekly Nest Notes: Ready for the Journey

E17 and E18 are readying for Eagle life as they wander and discover the territory and beyond. They spend many afternoons away from the nest tree. In a flash, they show up to fight over a meal delivery. They perch together at times and seem to want their own space at other times. Their frolicking on the pond bank became a scuffle to warn the other away. They soared the skies in unison one minute then practiced aerial battle the next. These two strong Juvenile Eagles are coming into their independence as they near the time to start their individual journeys.

Harriet and M15 will provide for E17 and E18 as long as they stay in the territory. Dad is usually responsible for their food needs and has been an exceptional hunter. Mom also brought several prey items over the week. E18 has become forceful and fearless in claiming a meal. Both Juveniles are quick to grab and fly off with prey to keep and eat. Finding food sources will be crucial as they perfect the art of stealing while they learn to hunt.

Harriet and M15 perch in nearby places through the days and nights while keeping the area secure. E17 and E18 are very capable of fending for themselves, but Mom paid an overnight visit to the nest tree and vocalized a warning to a possible intruder. Harriet and M15 move another step closer to realizing their goal of rearing flourishing and courageous young raptors. E17 and E18 will carry along their heightened abilities to thrive as they prepare for life in the wild.   Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Photo courtesy of wskwsnwings

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

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