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SWFEC Nesting Season 2021 Kickoff

Harriet and M15 kicked off the first day of Nesting Season with a flurry of nest work. They made appearances in the area over the last few months to check the condition of the nest and take inventory of what is needed. They both delivered sticks and materials and squabbled over the placement of the items. Harriet added fresh pine sprigs and even brought a flopping fish for dinner in the nest.

 Harriet and M15 are adapting well to a few changes in the nest tree and pasture. The outer attic branch cracked and now bends downward. The OCT (Old Cam Tree)snag has fallen over after years of swaying in the wind. There are other places in the pasture where they can perch, preen and watch over their territory. 

 Harriet and M15 continued their work in the early mornings, took breaks in the afternoon, and returned to the nest tree to roost overnight.  Most of the refurbishing is on the home nest with a few visits to Nest 2 in the West Pasture. They keep the area protected and make sure the neighboring Eagles are aware of the boundaries. Harriet and M15 look well-rested, healthy, and eager to welcome a new generation of offspring.   Nest Notes by dadsjazz


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras.)

Header photo captured from SWFEC camera

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