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SWFEC Nest Notes: Getting It All Just Right

Harriet and M15’s work progresses and seems never finished. They search for the perfect materials to add to the nest and have “discussions” about placing them. At times, Harriet looks like she wants some alone time in the nest to add her touches, but M15 is always eager to help and jumps right in. She gives him one of her looks, hops to the attic branch, and lets him have his way. There is always another time to get the sticks and grass to her liking. Harriet is not shy about making her point regarding nest building, food deliveries, mating, or raising their young. In Eagle life, the female is the partner who keeps everything just right with the help of her mate.

Harriet and M15 are on track to welcome their new family. Their behaviors are becoming focused on spending more time in the nest tree and keeping the area secure. Harriet and M15 keep their eyes on the skies while many Eagles and birds are on the move. A beautiful Sub-Adult Eagle visited the pasture, buzzing by the nest tree and landing on a snag nearby. Harriet voiced her objections while M15 escorted the visitor off. Harriet warns away any others who get too close to the nest.

Harriet and M15 remain dedicated to their objective. They expend much energy in the process. M15 has delivered nutritious meals for Harriet, as well as keeping himself well-fed. Squirrels seem to have been on the menu most days. M15 added fish, an egret, and a few unidentified food items (UFOs) to the mix. Harriet and M15 remain a well-tuned pair as they proceed along their path to a prosperous Season. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Header photo by wskrsnwings

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