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SWFEC Nest Notes: Waiting on the New Generation

Harriet and M15 execute precision exchanges as they take turns incubating their priceless Eggs. They tirelessly give their time to nest duty through the warmer than usual weather and bothersome bugs at night. They will soon see the fruits of their labors as they welcome a new generation of offspring to add to their legacy.

Harriet and M15 are busy watching the area and sky as they incubate. Many species are looking for nests at this time of year. The owls have been observed nesting in the West pasture. So far, the owls are engaged in their duties and haven’t harassed Harriet and M15 lately. When the Muscovy duck landed below the nest, Harriet went into full protect mode, and the duck high-tailed it out of there. The Starlings build their nests throughout the bottom of Harriet and M15’s nest and live in harmony with them. The Starlings fly back and forth, perch in the nest tree, serenade Harriet, and eat the bugs in the nest. They receive protection from other predators by Harriet and M15’s presence.

Harriet and M15 will continue their stellar teamwork through the next several months rearing their young and addressing any challenges along the way. Harriet and M15 will nurture each other and their precious Eaglets. All hope is for this admirable Eagle Family to succeed and flourish. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Photo by Anja Edelman from SWFEC cameras

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

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