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SWFEC Nest Notes: Ready For The Greatest Adventure

E19 and E20 have become masterful young Juveniles soaring the skies and searching for new experiences. They are observant, taking in all the activity around them. They are courageous in defense of their territory. They are intelligent, absorb all the lessons presented, and are nearly ready for their big adventures.

E19 and E20 are at the point in their development when food is less convenient. They conserve their energy by finding a perch with good views for the chance to “catch” a meal. M15 dropped prey near the pond and various places for their practice.  E19 and E20 associate the pond with a place to find food, forage around the water’s edge and swoop the ducks and birds there. They had a good lesson at the pond when M15 discovered a raccoon in distress. M15 cautiously poked the raccoon, realized it was alive, and kept his distance. One Juvenile observed M15 periodically checking it but staying away from its claws and face. The raccoon may have presented a good opportunity for a meal but was suspected to be sick from rodenticide. The raccoon was taken away and did not cause a problem for the Eagles.

Harriet and M15 have imparted many lessons to their capable Juveniles. M15 continues to bring food since Eagle Dads are the providers. Harriet delivered a fish, but she began her process of detaching by letting E19 and E20 find their way. Harriet still offers protection and a reminder to eat all the food or lose it. Harriet’s style is tough love, but her offspring are ready to face the challenges of Eagle life. E19 and E20 carry a cache of valuable knowledge and sharpened skills on their journeys as fierce young Raptors surviving in the wild.              Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Photo courtesy of SWFEC camera


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

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