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SWFEC Nest Notes: Hope Abounds For The Eagle Family

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M15 scans his territory (captured from SWFEC cameras)

E21 and E22 are turning seven weeks old and are impressive Eaglets as they grow in greatness. They are thriving, and their presence in the nest is stunning. They are ahead of many milestones already. E21 and E22 are mastering self-feeding and are acutely aware of their surroundings. E22 is more confident and assertive at mealtime. Both exercise sprawling wings in the breeze. E21 is braving the boundaries and standing on the nest rails to look out of the nest. E21 and E22 gather valuable lessons each day. Since Mom, Harriet, has been missing, Dad, M15, provides for all their needs. They all are adapting to the new dynamics. Some of the days prove challenging for M15 as a solo parent. Eagles live in the moment, and Dad has outdone himself to feed and keep his cherished family safe.

Harriet has been the mainstay for her mates and offspring over the years, and all have fared well under her reign. She nurtured, supported, and encouraged them in the ways of the Eagle. Harriet and M15 shared all responsibilities and raised intelligent and well-prepared eaglets. M15 has been incredible, taking on the role of both parents.

M15 commands his territory and is skilled at deterring the intruding Eagles arriving on the scene. One such Eagle is disruptive, creating chaos for M15, E21, and E22. The Adult goes for the food M15 presents to his family. The possible confusion of Harriet being gone, and the stress of these actions, is a learning experience for all. M15 seems to pick his battles carefully with the Adult to avoid harm and injury to himself and the Eaglets. E21 and E22 observe and imprint the defensive and submissive interactions between the Adults. These behaviors will become staples for survival on their life journeys. Nature provides for all creatures and has graced E21 and E22 with an exceptional Mom and Dad. Hope abounds for a peaceful and positive outcome for this Eagle Family. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Harriet last seen on 2/2/2023 (captured from SWFEC camera)
E22 (L) and E21 (R) stand at the rails watching the area (captured from SWFEC camera)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

M15 Great Provider & Protector 02.03.23

The Proof Is In The Video: Growing Eaglets As M Protects & Delivers Food X 4 02.08.23

The E’s Morning With Dad/M15 ~One Visitor/Intruder Leaves & Another Arrives 02.15.23

Video by Androcat (captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagle Cam 2-2-23. Our Beautiful Harriet: Harriet, M15, and the E’s on the evening of 2-2-23.

SWFL Eagle Cam 2-3-23. Two Intruders; M15 Chases 1 Intruder 5X; M15 Defensive Posture, Protects E’s

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam 2-11-23. Intruder follows M15 in; M15 shoves/kicks intruder off nest.

SWFL Eagle Cam 2-14-23. The E’s Work on Self-Feeding. E22 Stands/Holds Food Down; E21 on hocks. 😊

SWFL Eagle Cam 2-19-23. Intruder Steals M15’s Fish; Forces M15 off nest; Foots/Pecks @ the E’s.

SWFL Eagle Cam 2-19-23. Magnificent M Delivers Another Whole 🐟 After Intruder Theft! M15 is BOSS!

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles ~ Where Is Harriet? She Flew Off & Did Not Return! M15 Flies Off At Night 3 Times 2.2.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Super Dad M15 Brings In Rabbit! Both E’s Eat Well & Have Full Crops! 💕💕 2.3.23

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 DEFENDS & PROTECTS The E’s & Chases An INTRUDER Out Of Nest Tree! 2.5.23

SWFL Eagles ~E22 The CRAFTY STEALTH STEALER! Grabs Fish Tail From Dad! Big Crop After Feeding 2.7.23

SWFL Eagles ~ AMAZING SOARING By M15 Over The River! Returns w/ Big Fat Fish To Feed The E’s 2.7.23

SWFL Eagles ~ E22 MANTLES 1st Time! M Brings In Fish & Feeds Both E’s! Stays On Nest In Rain 2.12.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Intruder Brings In Her Own Food & Eats On Outer Branch Of Nest Tree!! 2.19.23

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