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SWFEC Nest Notes: What a Beautiful Morning!

E22 on the fence

Well, look at who we see this morning! It was determined by vocals, of course, that E22 is in the area. What a welcome sight! E22 was perching on the fence and comfortably enjoying the new views. E22 took off for a flight around the pasture as a horse approached. Dad arrived on the treetop perch, E22 flew to a low branch on the nest tree. E22 then flew off to the snag in the pasture. Great flying!

M15 went to the ground with food near the pond and tried to entice E22 to join him. Dad then went to the fallen snag closer to E22’s location. After all that, Dad flew to the snag with the fish and tried to feed E22, who was mantling and squeeing. What an awesome Dad! M15 took the fish back to the nest.

Dad brings the fish to E22 on the snag.

E22 flew off to the office/pond area and found a fish M15 must have left. E22 seemed excited to see another new place that had food. E22 grabbed and hopped around with their “catch.” It is hunting lessons 101. E22 ate, then walked to look out over the pond and their big new world. Happy days of discovery, E22. Now for a sight E21. Great job, Dad miss you, Mom! Nest Notes by dadsjazz

E22 carries their “catch” fish Dad left at the pond.

E22 looks out at their big new world.

Photos courtesy of SWFEC camera.

Video by SWFEC

E22 Eats/Plays with a Fish on the Ground

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