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Happy Father’s Day M15, Eagle dad supreme

M15 surveys the area (SWFEC camera)

M15 deserves the highest accolades for Father of the Year. M15 entered Harriet’s life in a time of crisis. He stayed by her side even though she was not receptive to his advances. M15 was steadfast in his pursuit and eventually surpassed Harriet’s strict standards. They became a bonded pair, and M15 has given his all to uphold their Family.

M15’s dedication became even more apparent with Harriet’s sudden disappearance this Season. M15 lamented for Harriet while caring for four-week-old E21 and E22. This was another time of distress in which he rose to the ultimate level of being both Mom and Dad.

M15 fended off many intruding Eagles attempting to take over the territory or steal a meal. M15 used his expertise and savvy to keep them at bay and still feed and protect his precious Eaglets. Against the odds, E21 and E22 thrived, became highly skilled and fearless as they embarked on their Eagle lives. M15 realized the bittersweet reward of his supreme efforts as he raised E21 and E22 alone. The new chapters are unknown for M15, but all hope is for his return to carry on the legacy. M15 is mighty, magnificent, and majestic, but most of all, he is Dad. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

M15 watchful. (SWFEC camera)

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