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swfec Nest Notes: the path to a hope-filled future

F23 and M15 admire their impressive nest.

M15 and F23 are busy in the early mornings with adding the finishing touches to the nest rails and the soft interior spaces. F23 works on the giant sticks M15 delivers and lets him do the nest bole checking. They hop up to the attic, engage in mating, and preen, all before flying out for breakfast. They are developing a steady routine and are working in harmony. The nest and nest bole are looking ready to envelop possible precious cargo arriving soon.

M15 and F23 may be unaware that their impressive nest also looks inviting to an owl pair whoooooo visit most nights. M15 chased an adult Eagle and then a subadult Eagle, who landed in the nest tree. While the Eagles are away, other visitors will play. Starlings build their little nests intertwined under this massive nest. They frolic in and around the nest and tree, eat bugs, and steal nesting. They help M15 and F23 with pest control and, in turn, are protected from other predators. M15 and F23 seem to enjoy their daily serenades from the Starling choir.

M15 and F23 are spending more time in the nest and nest tree. M15 showered fish gifts on F23, which she promptly accepted. She seems to be more trusting by eating on the nest at times. Other times, she grabbed her fish to go off to the cover of the office oak tree. Progress continues on their homefront and their trust in and commitment to each other. M15 and F23 are on the path to a hope-filled future that will include a nest filled with the treasures of their efforts. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

πŸ¦‡ Trick Or Treat πŸ¦‡ ~ BatWoman F23 Hanging & Batman M15 Wielding Broomsticks 10.31.23

Sticks/Grasses Added, Mating & Watching By M15 & F23, Then Out To Eat 11.03.23

Video by Androcat (ground video and video captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFEC 10-30-23. Ground+Cam Video! Monday Funday: Sticks, Grasses, Nest Tests, Mating, Close-ups!

SWFEC 10-30-23. The GHOW pair make an early AM visit together; the male returns solo for a PM visit.

SWFEC 10-31-23. Moments In Time: Stunning Close-ups; Two Nest Work Moments; Togetherness!

SWFEC 10-31-23. Moments In Time: Stunning Close-ups; Two Nest Work Moments; Togetherness!

SWFEC 10-31-23. GHOW Male Delivers a Large Rodent Prey/Rat/Food Gift for the Female on Halloween.πŸŽπŸ€

SWFEC 11-1-23. M15 Delivers ABC Fish Gift for F23; She Takes Her Fish to Go, Once Again!

SWFEC 11-2-23. M15 Delivers a Sharing Fish 🐟🎁 for F23! M15 Eats the Leftover Fish on the DSPS.😊

SWFEC 11-2-23. GHOW male brings rodent/food gift, hoots for the female, a no-show; male leaves.

SWFEC 11-2-23. F23’s Double Dip Bath; M15 engages w/Subadult Intruder, lands in tree w/M15 & F23

SWFEC 11-2-23. Thursday’s Amazing Nest Building! Fish Trio 🐟🐟🐟 ; Hanky Panky at Sunset!😊

SWFEC 11-4-23. Saturday Morning Nest Building & M15’s Nest Tests! Stunning F23 Close-up views!

SWFEC 11-4-23. M15’s In & Out, In & Out ABC Fish Gift 🐟🎁; F23 Misses Out on Her Fish Gift.😳

Video by Lady Hawk captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles ~ A Time For Teamwork! M15 Delivers Sticks & F23 Grasses! Mating On The Attic! 10.30.23

SWFL Eagles ~M Goes All Out w/ Wily Broomsticks πŸŽƒ F23 Lands On Him! Grabs His Stick & Nips 10.31.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Halloween GHO Hootie Visits The Nest! 😲 10.31.23

SWFL Eagles ~ M15’s Evening FISH GIFT! 🐟 F23 Does The Grab & Go! Both At Pond & Back To Nest 11.1.23

SWFL Eagles ~ M Brings A WHOPPER Fish! F23 Finally Eats On Nest! M Gets Tail & Takes To Pond 11.2.23

SWFL Eagles ~ F23 Takes Her First Bath In Pond! πŸ›€ πŸ’— M15 Joins Her For A Sip! 11.2.23

SWFL Eagles ~ M Is On A Roll! 2 More Fish Gifts & F23 Eats on Attic Branch 🎁 Sunset Closeups 11.2.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Male GHO Brings Rodent Prey To Nest & Calls For Female 😲Both Owls In Nest Tree 11.3.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Beautiful Closeups Of F23’s Piercing Eyes & Our Handsome M15 On The Attic πŸ’• πŸ’— 11.4.23

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Brings A Fish Gift But F23 Is A No Show! 🐟 M15 Eats Some & Leaves On Nest 11.4.23

Header photo courtesy of SWFEC cam.

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