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swfec Nest Notes: Making a safe haven

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M15 and F23 watch the dawn of a new day. (SWFEC camera)

M15 and F23 have worked diligently these last few months to fortify the nest and make a safe haven. The nest is also attractive to the Owls trying to claim the nest as theirs. There was an altercation between the Eagles and the Owls when M15 and F23 roosted in the nest tree for the first night. It was a rainy evening, and Owls usually don’t fly in the rain. As the night went on, M15 and F23 were united in their defense of the nest. The sight of the clash was harrowing, but it was inevitable with the Owl’s nightly visits. Eagles and Owls have had their differences over the years here. M15 and F23 held fast, and their prized nest remained Owl free.

M15 delivered fish and prey to the nest for F23, who claimed the gifts and flew off. She brought a fish herself to the nest to eat. M15 and F23 spend more time close to the nest tree and mate frequently. Their brood patches are starting to develop. They are the area on the chest where feathers are lost or removed to expose skin for incubating eggs and brooding chicks.

M15 and F23 have most of the pieces in place for egg laying, but it is up to the Eagles when that may happen. F23 adds her touches to the nest, and M15 builds crib rails to the sky. F23 has found her voice and uses it well for waring, food arriving, and giving M15 orders. F23 is taking command of the nest as female Eagles do. M15 watches for her, accommodates her, and is protective of her. M15 and F23 are coming together as a well-matched Eagle couple. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

*Privacy Please* 😂 M15 Adds Huge Sticks For Higher Rails & F23 Works To Cover M 11.07.23

Short AM Visit By M15 & F23-Grasses/Sticks Added + Mating~ Woodpecker/Warbler/Horse Cameos 11.10.23

Video by Androcat (Ground Video and Video captured from SWFEC cams)

SWFEC 11-5-23. Three Cam View Matings! + One ABC Fish Gift To Go! 🐟🎁🏃‍♀️

SWFEC 11-6-23. F23 Goes Plant Shopping 🥰. Monday Nest Work, M15 Brings In Big Lumber! 💪🦅

SWFEC 11-7-23. Great Horned Owl Female Heists Another Fish, Left by M15 for F23! 🦉🐟🦉

SWFEC 11-7-23. M15 Delivers Fish Gift, F23 is a No-Show. M15 Eats, Leaves Remainder on Nest for F23

SWFEC 11-7-23. GHOW male delivers a food gift shortly after female took M15’s fish from the nest.

SWFEC 11-8-23. GHOW Male delivers bird prey @ the nest, Female receives it (18:35).

SWFEC 11-8-23. Wednesday’s Big Sticks; F23’s Shady Spot, Wood Storks Perching at N2.

SWFEC 11-9-23. Sunrise Mating on the Attic; Beautiful Close-Up Views of F23. 😊🥰

SWFEC 11-12-23. First two owl strikes on F23 as she roosts in the nest tree; M15 averts (?) strike.

Video by Lady Hawk (Captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles ~ Male Great Horned Owl Brings A Rabbit Foot Gift For The Female! 🐰 🎁 11.6.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Morning Nest Work & Mating! M Puts Stick On Cam 2! F23 Gets Her Grab & Go Fish 11.6.23

SWFL Eagles ~ M Wants To Share His Fish But F23 Is A No Show 🐟 He Leaves It On Nest For Owls 11.7.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Female GHO Takes M15’s Fish Off Nest & Gets A Free Meal 🐟 11.7.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Sun-Kissed Mating 💗 Building A Stairway To The Veranda! Cam 2 Peephole View 😲 11.8.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Male GHO Brings A Bird & Transfers Prey To Female 🐦 M15 & F23 Quick Visit 😊 11.8.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Mighty M 💗 Nest Builder, Loving Mate & Provider! Brings Fish & Waits For F23 🐟 11.9.23

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Daily Door Dash Delivery Of Squirrel! F23 Adds Palm Frond Decoration! 😊 11.10.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Male GHO Brings A Bunny Food Gift 🐰 & Transfers To Female On Nest 🎁 11.10.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Male GHO Brings 2nd Prey Delivery Of The Night 🎁 Female Eats Rat On Veranda 11.10.23

SWFL Eagles ~ F23 ROOSTS IN NEST TREE 1ST TIME! 💕 Sunset Nest Visit & M15’s Mating Attempt 11.11.23

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 & F23 Staying Close To Home! Surf & Turf Deliveries, Bath Time & Closeups 11.11.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Action Packed Night! GHO strikes F23 THREE Times! M15 Flies To Nest To Defend 11.11.23

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