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swfec nest notes: miracles in the making

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F23 and M15 welcome their precious Eggs (courtesy of SWFEC camera)

M15 and F23 welcomed Egg 1, laid on 11/24/23 at 5:54 pm., and Egg 2, laid on 11/27/23 at 1:44 pm. F23 is a new partner for M15, and there was no certainty for these events to happen. The realization is here for this Family, and miracles are in the making.

M15 created a beautiful, sturdy nest to entice F23 to join him in his quest for offspring. F23 grew in her attachment to M15 and his territory. They engaged in all the courtship rituals and mating behaviors. He showered her with attention and many food gifts. M15 is a persuasive and determined Male Eagle, and he won the favor of F23.

M15 and F23 begin the next part of their journey over the coming days. They both participate in the arduous job of protecting and caring for their tender cargo. M15 stays close in the overnight hours, standing guard as F23 lay incubating. He visits the nest and manages to get a turn to tend to the Eggs. He takes an amazingly active role in his Eagle Family dynamics. M15 and F23 will continue the legacy of life in this magical nest. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Egg1 top, Egg 2 bottom (courtesy of SWFEC camera)

Egg 1 Videos

By Lady Hawk (captured form SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles ~ F23 LAYS HER FIRST EGG 🐣 Congratulations M15 & F23 On This Very Special Day 11.24.23

SWFL Eagles~ M15 Sees His Egg First Time & Incubates 💗 F23 Returns & M Stands By Her Side! 11.25.23

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 & F23 Daytime Incubation Shifts, Delayed Incubation & Closeups Of Egg 💗 11.25.23

By Androcat (captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFEC 11-24-23. Congratulations to F23 & M15 on their First Egg as a new pair! Egg laid @ 17:54:37.

SWFEC 11-25-23. M15 Arrives for his First Look at his Precious Egg, + First Incubation Shift. 🥚💜

SWFEC 11-25-23. M15’s Sticky Situation; Incubation Switches, Egg #1 views.

Egg 2 Videos

By Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles ~ F23 LAYS HER SECOND EGG 💕 Fast Labor & Delivery! Congratulations M15 & F23 💕 11.27.23

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Sees Egg #2 First Time & Incubates! Brings 2 Food Gifts In Celebration 🎁 11.27.23

SWFL Eagles ~ F23 Startled By Owl Flybys! M15 To Nest! Nibbles & Beak Kisses ♥ Mating! 11.27.23

By Androcat (captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFEC 11-27-23. F23 Lays Egg #2! Official Time 13:44:13!

SWFEC 11-27-23. M15 Sees & Incubates Egg #2 for the 1st Time; Delivers UFO & Fish Head for F23!

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