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swfec Nest Notes: nest duty: fluff, roll, incubate, repeat

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M15 stands guard over his Family through the night. (SWFEC camera)

M15 and F23 progress on their mission to ensure the hatching of their two special deliveries. They each take their time on the nest tending to the Eggs seriously. M15 is more than eager to do his part, even to the point of coaxing F23 off the eggs. He arrives in the wee hours of the morning to give F23 a break. He brings in nesting and proceeds to drop some on F23. She objects, of course, and raises up and off the nest bole and eggs. M15 sneaks in to get another turn on nest duty.

M15 and F23 are alert to any threats while they incubate their Eggs. Their primary response to possible danger is to stay on and protect the Eggs. A Sub-adult and a few young Eagles encroached on the nest tree, causing alarm vocals and possible escort from the area. Owls have been a nuisance most seasons. The owls are incubating eggs in Nest 2 in the West Pasture. The owls were trying out M15 and F23’s nest, but M15 stayed in the nest overnight to stop their effort to steal it. M15 perches above the nest throughout the night to guard his Family.

M15 and F23 have become a well-coordinated incubating team. They keep their precious Eggs rolled in the fluff and at just the right temperature through the day and night. In a few short weeks, the rewards will appear. All hope is for new little lives in the pasture and the thrill of seeing M15 and F23’s delight. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Video by Androcat (captures form SWFEC cameras and ground footage)

SWFEC 11-29-23. Subadult Visitor Perches in the Nest Tree Twice; F23 Protects her Eggs. All is OK.

SWFEC 11-29-23. M15 returns after morning subadult visits; F23 gets a break; M15 leaves at dark.

SWFEC 11-30-23. F23 Collects Moss; Incubation Switches, View of N2, The Herd! Ground + Cam View.

SWFEC 11-30-23. M15 followed on catfish delivery; F23 flies in late for her night shift.

SWFEC 12-1-23. Owl strike on M15; Knocks him off the attic; both cross the nest above F23.

SWFEC 12-1-23. M15 w/Fish Chased Home by One Eagle, 2nd Eagle Follows Also; F23 Close-ups.

SWFEC 12-3-23. Owl Strikes M15, knocks him off the attic; he returns to the nest tree. M15 is OK.

Video by Lady Hawk (captures from SWFEC cameras and ground photographer)

SWFL Eagles ~M15 Grass-Capades & Tricks To Get Egg Time! It Works He is 4-1! Steps On F23 😂 11.28.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Beautiful Sub Adult Long Visit To Nest Tree! F23 Vocal Protecting Her Eggs 💕 11.29.23

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Returns To Give F23 A Break After Her Amazing Job Protecting The Eggs 💕 11.29.23

SWFL Eagles ~ F23 Sweetly Looks Down At M15 As He Incubates The Eggs At Night! 💕 11.29.23

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Brings A Fish But F23 Drops It On The Ground 🐟 Huge Piles Of Grass & Moss 11.30.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Owl Strikes M15 & Knocks Him Off Attic! He is Okay & Returns To Nest! 12.1.23


SWFL Eagles ~ F23 Wants To Mate But M15 Is Not Interested 😂 Escapes To Nest! Intruder Flyby! 12.2.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Owl Strikes M15 Knocking Him Off Attic 😲 He Returns To Nest 💪 Incubation Duty 12.3.23

SWFL Eagles ~ F23 Scares M15 Returning To Nest 😲 Bath Time & Pics Of Owls At N2 Nest By MLiz 12.3.23

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