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swfec nest notes: together in their journey for new life

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M15 and F23 weather the storm together. (courtesy of SWFEC camera)

M15 and F23 have been diligently caring for their cherished Eggs. They endure many hours of incubating and tending to them. M15 and F23 perform perfect exchanges, tenderly roll the Eggs, and aerate the nest bole to give it a warm, soft feel. They go to great lengths to safeguard these precious packages that contain their future legacy.

M15 and F23 are on constant guard for any perils that may come their way. M15 has stood guard many nights and has been struck by the owls nesting in the West pasture. Sub-adult Eagles visited the nest from time to time and received stern warnings from M15 and F23. They have taken care of each other in endearing ways. When the severe wind and rain storms blew through the area, they lay side by side in the nest, protecting the eggs and one another from the elements. M15 delivers food gifts for F23, who eagerly takes the gifts away from the nest to enjoy.

M15 and F23 remain dedicated to presenting new life in the pasture. The time draws near for this to come to fruition. In about two weeks, M15 and F23 will hopefully begin the next part of their new journey. All hope is for healthy, feisty Eaglets for M15 and F23 to raise as they become an exceptional Eagle Family. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

M15, F23 & The Eggs On A “Rock-A-Bye” Incubation Morning 12.14.23

Video by Androcat (ground video and video captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFEC 12-3-23. Owl Strikes M15, knocks him off the attic; he returns to the nest tree. M15 is OK.

SWFEC 12-5-23. Incubation switches, close-ups, & M15’s late incubation shift. Ground + Cam Video.

SWFEC 12-7-23. Moments in Time: F23, Preening Session on the DSPS at Sunrise; + Close-up view.

SWFEC 12-8-23. M15 Delivers an ABC 🐟 for F23, then Takes a Bath a Splash-Splash Bath! 🦅🏝️🛁

SWFEC 12-9-23. Subadult Eagle Perches on the Attic; M15 is incubating, protects his eggs.

SWFEC 12-10-23. M15 Delivers a Meat 🎁 for F23; She Eats on the old Cam2 Tree; M15 Close-ups. 🥰

SWFEC 12-13-23. M15 brings a branch and dirty/stained head feathers to the nest

SWFEC 12-13-23/12-15-23. Incubation rolls on for Mama owl in the W pasture.

SWFEC 12-16-23/12-17-23. F23 & M15 Protect Their Precious Eggs; Shield Each Other from the Elements

Video by Lady Hawk, (captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles ~M & F23 Execute Perfect Shift Changes & egg rolling! M Evening Incubation Time 12.5.23

SWFL 💗 M Gets His Incubation Time! Squeaky Vocals From F23 As She Reluctantly Gets Off Eggs 12.6.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Changing Of The Guard 💕 M15 & F23 Take Care Of Eggs! Brings In Grass & Twigs 💕 12.7.23–BUoI

SWFL Eagles ~ M Lands On F23 & Decorates & Fluffs Her w/ A Grass Blanket! M’s Head Closeups 12.14.23

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Brings In Partial Bird Food Gift 🐦 🎁 F23 Comes Back To Take It On The Go 12.14.23

Strong Devotion & Teamwork 💕 F23 Shelters M15 w/Her Wing While He Incubates Eggs In Rain ☔ 12.16.23

Riding Out The Storm Together! M15 Brings An Airplant Gift 🎁 & F23 Almost Gets Blown Over! 12.17.23

More videos can be viewed in The Video Library:

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