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swfec nest notes: A Fish Gift on a rainy Christmas Day 

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M15 presents a Christmas fish gift for F23. (SWFEC cameras)

M15 and F23 have been an incubating machine for the past 30 or so days. They haven’t missed a beat in all that time. It is pretty remarkable since they are a newly mated pair, and they are in complete sync. Their vigilance toward the goal of becoming Eagle parents is inspiring.

M15 and F23 appear to sense their offspring will soon become a reality. They roll the Eggs less and may leave them uncovered longer. They will begin to feel movement as the chicks strive to break out into the world.

M15 and F23 persevere no matter the weather or the intruders who enter their territory. They protect their charges and each other to the utmost degree. M15 seems to take great pride in bringing food to F23 through her hours of incubating. Although it is a rainy Christmas Day, M15 presented F23 with a fresh fish gift. M15 will hopefully and gladly soon have more beaks to feed. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Video by Androcat (ground video and captures from SWFEC cameras)

SWFEC 12-19-23. M15 Delivers Nest Material; N2, Cam View w/Zoom; Close-up View of Precious Eggs.

SWFEC 12-20-23. M15 Delivers Two Fish, Gets Followed on the 2nd, F23 Escorts! N2 View; Close-ups.

SWFEC 12-21-23. Preening Sessions, Close-ups, Incubation Switches, and Nest Material Deliveries.

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles ~ Hay Hay Hay! What’s That On Your Back F23? 😂🌾 🌿 Nice Closeups Of Eggs! 12.19.23

M15 Brings In 2 Fish 🐟 F23 Gets 1st One To Go! M15 Gets Chased By Intruder On 2nd Delivery 12.20.23

SWFL Eagles ~ F23 Brings In Two Large Deliveries Of Fluff & Kisses Her Sweetheart M15 💗🌿💗 12.21.23

SWFL Eagles ~ THE POND CAM IS LIVE!! 🎁 🎉 M15 Brings A Palm Frond & Puts Grass On F23’s Back 12.23.23

SWFL Eagles ~ Intruder Flies To Treetop 😲 F23 Comes In Hot Flushing Out & Giving Chase ⚠️ 12.23.23

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