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swfec nest notes: e23, eating, sleeping, growing

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Sleeping E23, little feet, big feet. (SWFEC camera)

M15 and F23 are adjusting as doting parents of their treasured eight-day-old E23. Momma seems captivated by her little, fuzzy baby. She checks E23 often and keeps them safe and warm. Dad happily and readily takes his time to brood E23. When the weather turned cooler and rainy, both kept E23 and the nest toasty and dry. The specialness of being an only Eaglet is getting all the attention. E23 basks in all the extra care from F23 and M15.

M15 and F23 have perfected their exchanges on baby duty. Both have brought in their fish catches, and M15 has delivered a variety of prey for the needs of E23. The nest looked comfy with rabbit fur and a flurry of white feathers from the prey items. E23 spends most of the time sleeping and growing from all the nutritious meals.

M15 and F23 watch as E23 changes daily, adding weight and finding thermal down starting to emerge. E23 is stronger, controls movements and flaps little wings, and climbs out of the nest bole. E23 imprints on the surroundings and watches Momma and Dad’s every move. M15 and F23 support and encourage each other, cementing their bond as they raise E23. They are making great strides as a remarkable Eagle Family.

Video by Androcat (captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFEC 1-1-24. E23’s First Four Feedings of the Morning; Adorable Close Views.

SWFEC 1-1-24. Cheeky E23 nips & pulls Dad’s feathers + close-ups; M15 delivers nest material.

SWFEC 1-1-23. M15’s Fish & Crazy Sticks; E23 Feedings & Close Views; F23 Goes Wading.

SWFEC 1-2-24. M15 Delivers Rabbit Prey, Feeds E23, Topples E23, and Tries to Feed Bites to F23.

SWFEC 1-2-24. M15 moves the remainder of precious egg #2, places by the rails.

SWFEC 1-2-24. F23 prepares rabbit for feeding; E23 waits for bites on a fur covered nest.

SWFEC 1-2-23. M15’s fish delivery; E23’s Tiny Foot; Feedings + F23 brings food/carcass to the nest.

SWFEC 1-3-24. M15 Gets Squeaky Clean with an Afternoon Bath!

SWFEC 1-3-24. Sticks & Fluff to Keep E23 Safe and Warm.

SWFEC 1-3-24 M15 Feeds Little E23; Two Feedings + Close View of E23.

SWFEC 1-4-24. M15 delivers Cattle Egret prey for E23; nest covered in white feathers.

SWFEC 14-23. Moments in Time: Tiny Feet; Snoozy E23; Four Days Old. 😊

SWFEC 1-4-24. Tandem Feeding! But first, the nest clean-up, + a branch; brooding duty antics.

SWFEC 1-6-24. E23 makes it out of the nest cup at 6 days old! + Two feedings.

SWFEC 1-6-23. Moments in Time: E23, six days old; Tiny Feet, Tiny Talons, Itty-Bitty Wings

SWFEC 1-6-24. F23 Delivers a Fish for E23; Two Feedings; Owl Perched/Likely Hunting the Pasture.

SWFEC 1-6-24. Final Feeding for the Day for E23; M15 eats UFO on the old Cam2 tree.

SWFEC 1-7-24. Two feedings for E23 (rabbit); E23’s Tiny Foot next to Mom’s.

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles ~ The CUTEST BABY PICS of E23 One Day Old 🐥 M15 & F23 Both Feed Breakfast! 1.1.24

SWFL Eagles ~ Adorable E23 & Dad Time 🐥 E23 Grabs & Pulls Dad’s Feathers! 😂 Mom Returns! 1.1.24

Mighty M15 Delivers A Fish & A Huge Stick! He Pushes F23 Back To Rails w/ It 😂 F23 Feeds E23 1.1.24

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Stocks The Pantry For The New Year & Brings In A Huge Bunny! 🐰😂 1.2.24

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 REMOVES EGG2 FROM NEST BOWL 😲 Explanation On What May Have Happened To Egg2 1.2.24

SWFL Eagles ~ M Lovingly Feeds E23 Surf & Turf Breakfast! E23 Falls Over When Dad Gets Up! 😲 1.2.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23’s 1ST FUR FEST! 😂 Gets A Face Full Of Flying Fur! 😂 1.2.24

SWFL Eagles 💗 Daddy M15 Gives A Great Feeding & Big Bites To E23 💗 1.3.24

M Gives E23 Another Feeding! F23 Returns To Nest w/ Dracula Mantling! M Exits & Takes A Bath 1.3.24

M15 Delivers A Cattle Egret! E23 Is Covered In Feathers As F23 Prepares Prey For A Feeding 💕 1.4.24

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Uncovers & moves Egg2! Multiple Feeding of Egret & Rabbit For E23 🐰 🐦 1.4.24

SWFL Eagles ~ F23 Brings In Her OWN FISH & Feeds E23 😊 M15 Adds To Food Fest w/ Another Fish 1.4.24

SWFL Eagles ~Beautiful TANDEM FEEDING! M15 Lands On F23’s Back w/ A Fish Piece 😊 Food Removal 1.4.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Baby Pics 5 Days Old 💕 First Four Feedings By Mom & Dad! 1.5.24

SWFL Eagles ~ F23 Does A Great Job STUFFING E23! M15 Brings In A Catfish & Partial Fish 🐟 1.5.24

SWFL Eagles ~ We Have An Escapee! E23 Climbs Out Of Nest Bowl First Time At 6 Days Old! 💕😊 1.6.24

SWFL Eagles ~ SO PRECIOUS!! E23’s Tiny Talons Holding On To Mom’s Talons 💕 Sleeping Beauty 💕 1.6.24

F23 Is MOMBRELLA In Rain! ☔ M15 Feeds E23 Leftover Catfish & F23 Brings In Her Own Whole Fish 1.6.24

M Drops His Prey On Ground! Next Day, Retrieves It & Brings Back To Nest! F23 Flies Off w/ It 1.7.24


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