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swfec nest notes: e23 breezing through milestones

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E23’s majestic wings in the wind (photo courtesy of Androcat video)

M15 and F23 continue their stellar nurturing and care of E23, and the resulting progress is remarkable. F23 has a special bond with her not-so-little-baby, and their interactions are endearing. She is very protective of and patient with E23. She checks in frequently with E23, sits in the nest, and offers cover from rain and sun. E23’s head is the only part that fits beneath her. E23’s stature is impressive compared to Momma and Dad’s size.

M15 and F23 have watched as E23 has surpassed many milestones over these six weeks. E23 stands and walks with confidence. E23’s few wispy natal down feathers give way to beautiful dark juvenile feathers. E23 preens the sprouting feathers with care. Majestic wings span the width of the nest as E23 flaps in the breezes with little hops in between. E23 is acutely aware of all activity and perfects mantling and grabbing as prey arrives in the nest. E23 worked on ripping and tearing food and self-feeding for the first time.

M15 and F23 deserve kudos for their work together to benefit cherished E23. They share all responsibilities for the daily care of E23, themselves, and each other. M15 and F23 are cementing their bond as a outstanding Eagle pair. Their family dynamics have come together admirably, and they are on a path to success in raising E23. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Ground video by wskrsnwings

Big Wings For A Growing E23, Adults Chase Intruder, Caracara Fly-Through 02.06.24

Ground video by Androcat

SWFL Eagles 2-7-24. E23 Wing Flaps & Hops in Gray Sweatpants 😊, Ground View! F23 Delivers Fish!🐟

SWFL Eagles. GHOW in N2; Mama Owl Perches Above N2; Hootlets Almost Five Weeks Old Now.

Video by Androcat (ground and captures from SWFEC cameras)

SWFEC 1-31-24. E23 Wing Flaps for Mom; F23 Stocks the Pantry with a Huge Fish; M15 Brings a Squirrel

SWFL Eagles 2-5-24. M15 Delivers a Fish, Gets Mantled by his Two-23’s! F23’s Huge Pellet.😳

SWFL Eagles 2-5-23. M15 Delivers Two Fish 🐟🐟; E23 Bites Dad’s Toe. 😳

SWFL Eagles 2-8-24. F23 Delivers RK Pelt; E23 Mantles, Snatches/Steals a Piece of Food from Mom!

SWFL Eagles 2-8-24. M15 Delivers Armored Catfish Head; E23 Self-Feeds for the 1st Time, 39 Days Old!

SWFL Eagles 2-9-24. E23 Tries to Take UFO Meat from Mom, Gets in a Tug w/Her! Dad Delivered the UFO.

SWFL Eagles 2-10-24. E23 Claims Dad’s Fish Delivery! Mom Takes It. E23 Lounges as Mom Feeds E23!

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

E23 Is Stuffed & Falls Asleep On Dad’s Foot! Beak Kisses β™₯ F23 Flies Off w/ Fish & Returns πŸ˜‰ 1.28.24

Osprey Catches Fish & F23 Gives Chase! F Flies Back Empty Taloned! Feeds E23 & Lies In Nest 1.29.24

SWFL Eagles ~ UNUSUAL & SPECIAL FEEDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! Precious Moments w/ Mom! 1.31.24

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 LOVES BEING A DAD! πŸ’• β™• M15 Allopreens E23 1st Time – A Harriet Tradition πŸ’• 1.30.24

SWFL Eagles ~ Beautiful Closeups Of E23 at 33 Days Old β™₯ Big Wingers & E23 Bites Dad’s Toes 2.2.24

M15 Brings In A Big Rabbit! 🐰 Rests On Front Pine Before Bringing To Nest! F23 Serves It Up 2.3.24

The Sweetest Moments E23 Beak Kisses & Lays Its Head On Her Wing! Entire Family Aerates NestπŸ’— 2.4.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Showing Off It’s Amazing Wingspan At 5 Weeks Old! Closeups Of All 12 Tail Feathers

SWFL Eagles ~ F23 Takes An INVIGORATING Bath! πŸ›€ A GBH Catches A Fish & Swallows It Whole!! 🐟 2.8.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 BITES MOM’S TOES & PULLS OUT A DOWNY FEATHER πŸ˜‚ E23 Grabs & Claims Dad’s Fish!

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Brings In A Birthday Fish To Celebrate E23’s 6 Week Hatch Day! 🐟 Wingers 2.11.24

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