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swfec Nest notes: E23 is seven weeks old and moving up in the world

E23’s beautiful wings. ( courtesy of SWFEC camera)

M15 and F23 utilize all their valuable instincts and skills to provide for and protect E23. In turn, E23 imprints and absorbs all the lessons that will serve E23 well in the nest and beyond. E23 curiously studies the birds and life outside the nest. E23 stands cautiously close to the edge and bravely peers at the horses below, watching the world go by.

M15 and F23 deliver a diverse menu for E23, who eagerly mantles and grabs the incoming meal. E23 is improving on self-feeding techniques, but swallowing a pelt tail and all may not count. E23 is rarely hungry but has learned to eat when food is available. E23’s stunning growth and beautiful juvenile feathers have resulted from good nutrition.

M15 and F23 stayed in the nest with E23 when the higher winds and rain moved through the area. M15 and F23 observe E23’s impressive wingspan flapping and hopping in the breeze. As E23 gains more wing strength, high hops and hovering will begin. E23 practices grabbing and gripping sticks and things in the nest. These activities will help E23 hit the next target of branching. Hold on, Dad and Momma, new and higher places are on the horizon for E23. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Ground Video by Androcat

SWFL Eagles 2-16-24. Fish, Fluff, RK Meat, + E23 Views: Wing Flapping & Looking Big from the Ground

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

E23 In A “Brown Suit” ~Big Wings ~Standing Tall, All 3 For Breakfast 02.13.24

Video by Androcat (ground and captures from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles 2-11-24. E23 Mantles/Grabs Dad’s Fish Delivery! M15 Feeds E23. E23’s Wide Wing Flapping!

SWFL Eagles 2-11-24. Moments in Time: E23 at Six Weeks Old! Jumping Jacks all Over the Nest!

SWFL Eagles 2-12-24. E23 Mantles, Claims, & Swallows Dad’s UFO Delivery! F23 with 2nd Delivery!

SWFL Eagles 2-12-24. M15 Delivers RK Rabbit; Gets to Feed E23 While F23 Watches Over.

SWFL Eagles 2-12-24. F23 & M15 Each Deliver ABC 🐟! E23 Mantles/Grabs the Fish Head!

SWFL Eagles 2-13-24. M15 Delivers Rabbit; F23 is There to Serve it Up! E23 Nibbles @ the 🐰 Feet!

SWFL Eagles 2-14-24. M15 Feeds E23 + Gets Bites for Himself; RK Rabbit + Fish Deliveries.

SWFL Eagles 2-14-24. The Two-23’s: Two Fish Deliveries, Two Mantles, & Two Fish Grabs! + The Herd.

SWFL Eagles 2-18-24. E23 Self-Feeds on Leftover Fish; Mom Feeds the Rest; Mom Shelters her Mini-23.

SWFL Eagles 2-19-24. E23, 7 Weeks Old, Tries to Swallow a Big UFO Leftover; F23 Feeds it to E23!

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles 💗 Amazing Closeups Of Adorable E23! Family Time On Nest! E23 Lies Between Mom & Dad

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Swallows UFO In ONE BIG GULP! 2 UFO’s & RK Rabbit Delivered Feeding By Dad 2.12.24

SWFL Eagles ~ THE BIG STEAL! E23 Steals TWO Fish From Mom Pulling Right Out Of Her Talons 🐟 2.14.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Mantles Prey & Bites Dad’s Toes! Surf & Turf Deliveries! 🐰 M15 Feeds E23 🐟 2.14.24

SWFL Eagles 💕💕 F23’s Magnificent Heraldic Pose! What A Beauty! 💕💕 2.14.24

SWFL Eagles ~CAMS ARE BACK LIVE! E23 Happy Flapping & Hopping Across The Nest! Cute Closeups 2.16.24

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Delivers Cattle Egret! E23 Practices Gripping, Pulling On Leg! M15 Feeds 2.16.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Mantles, Grabs & Swallows A RK Pelt Down Whole! Tug-O-Pelt With Mom! 😲 2.17.24


SWFL Eagles ~ MOMBRELLA On Nest Trying To Cover E23 From Rain! M15 w/ Fish Intruder Follows 2.18.24

SWFL Eagles ~ F23 Misses Landing On Attic & Goes Down! Flies To Treetop! M15 To Nest & Mom! 2.18.24

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