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swfec nest notes: brilliant e23 is eight weeks old

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Brilliant E23 with feather nose bling. (By Androcat from SWFEC camera)

M15 and F23 appear to be pleased with E23’s development and progress over these last eight weeks. F23 dotes on and watches over her endeared E23. M15 is devoted to his role as caretaker of them all. F23 has been a phenomenal Momma to E23 and a remarkable partner to M15. Together, they are raising E23 into a beautiful and brilliant young raptor.

M15 and F23 keep up the encouragement as E23 masters many milestones. E23 is curious and attentive to all the activity around the nest and pasture. E23 mantles and grabs all arrivals, even if it is F23 with grass or M’s toe. Self-feeding improves along with coordination. F23 usually arrives to take any food delivered to dole out to E23. She begins testing E23’s aggressiveness to take food from her. She holds the food for a few seconds, then eats it if E23 doesn’t reach for it. E23 catches on quickly after being denied a few bites. E23 learns to eat what gets offered, or it will be gone. E23 engages in keep-away and tug-o-prey. All of this is good practice for all-important future finding of meals.

M15 and F23 watch as E23 exercises mighty wings, catching air and lifting off from the nest. E23 high hops from place to place and lands on the top nest rails with a branch in sight. E23 carries nesting and food around in their beak and pounces on items with their feet. E23 made a nice bed from the grass M15 brought one night. E23 seems to be outperforming at every turn. M15 and F23 can pride themselves on providing all the necessities for E23’s advancement. All seems to be working wonderfully. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Ground Video by Androcat

SWFL Eagles 2-21-24. Mama Owl Protects her Hootlets from a Hawk; Smaller Birds Pester Mama.

SWFL Eagles 2-23-24. One Hootlet has Branched, Possibly Fledged; Both Hootlets OK!

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

E23 ~ Wings & Watches Waitin’ On Breakfast, Grass Delivery, Both Owlets Have Fledged 02.26.24

Video by Androcat ( ground and captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles 2-19-24. Night Moves: M15 & F23 Watch Over E23 @Night; F23 Misses Landing, Flies Back.

SWFL Eagles 2-19-24. E23 Teaches Mom a Lesson; Carry Practice, Wing Flapping, Nest Work, Close-ups!

SWFL Eagles 2-19-24. Dad Delivers ABC Catfish; E23 Claims the 🐟 & Dad’s Toe + Steals from Mom!

SWFL Eagles 2-20-24. M15 Delivers Back to Back Fish; The Two-23’s Mantle Dad at the Same Time!

SWFL Eagles 2-21-24. E23’s Best Mantle Yet! Dad Delivers & Feeds E23; Close-ups of M15!

SWFL Eagles 2-22-24. M15’s Sunrise Fish Delivery & Feeding for E23; Big Fish with Leftovers!

SWFL Eagles 2-23-24. E23 Gets an ABC Fish Delivery & Feeding by Dad, with Mom in the Nest!

SWFL Eagles 2-23-24. Moments in Time: E23, Rail Sitting, Wing Flapping, Getting Air, Nest Work! 😊

SWFL Eagles 2-24-24. Armadillo for Breakfast for E23! F23 Makes a Rest Stop on the Way In.

SWFL Eagles 2-24-24. The Two 23’s Share a 🐟; E23 Self-Feeds on a Piece; M15 Delivers 2 More Fish!

SWFL Eagles 2-24-24. E23 Starts the Night Solo; Owl Shows up on the DSPS, Dad Returns to the Attic!

SWFL Eagles 2-25-24. M15 Delivers 2 Fish; Dad & E23 Share Fish #1; F23 Takes Part of Fish #2 to Go.

Video By Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC camera)

SWFL Eagles ~ F23 Psyches E23 Out Bringing In Nesting Material & Not A Fish! 😤 Big Wingers! 2.19.24

SWFL Eagles ~ Fish & Squirrel Deliveries! F Feeding, Tug-O-Squirrel-Ghetti! Takes 🐟 Off Nest 2.20.24

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Is On A Roll 🐟 Brings In 3 Fish For Breakfast! F23 Claims & Feeds To E23 2.20.24

SWFL Eagles 💗 ADORABLE 💗 E23 SELFIES & HEAD TILTS! 🐥😊 Seven weeks Old! +360 Cam Views! 2.20.24

SWFL Eagles ~ HILARIOUS BATTLE OF THE STICK! 😂 E23 Nips At Mom & Branch Goes Overboard! 2.21.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Has The BIGGEST MANTLE Yet! 👍 M15 Feeds E23 The Entire Fish 🐟 😂 No F23! 2.21.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Self Feeds On ACF 🐟 Mom & Dad Both Feed E23! F23 Flies Off w/ ACF & Eats 2.21.24

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Stick-capades! Finds BIG Stick On Ground & Nearly Loses Balance Placing It 2.22.24

SWFL Eagles ~ GO E23 💗 Winging, Big Hops Both Feet Off Nest! Moves A Stick & Heraldic Pose 💗 2.23.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Gets 1st Taste Of Armadillo! 😲 Tug-o-dillo w/ Mom! F23 Takes Prey Off Nest 2.24.24

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Giveth & F23 Taketh Away! F23 Takes E23’s Fish Dinner & Eats On The Snag! 2.25.24

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