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swfec nest notes: e23- a hop, skip, and jump from hatchling to fledgling

E23 looking out at the world at sunrise. E23 is so grown up. (SWFEC camera)

M15 and F23 observe and encourage E23’s progress through the stages of Eaglet life. E23 has been an exceptional learner and breezes through with honors. E23 sprouted from a tiny fuzzy Hatchling to a curious, active Eaglet to a brave Fledgling in 76 days. E23 branched at 62 days old and has been on the move since. E23 flap and fly hopped to most of the nest tree branches, high-hovered above the nest, and made it to the treetop. E23 jumped, overshot a lower branch, hung upside down briefly, and flew to a West pasture pine tree. E23’s realization that flight was possible may have been equally frightening and freeing.

M15 and F23 watch with a sense of pride as their baby is growing up. M15 brought fish to celebrate E23’s first flight, accidental or not. E23 rested after the exhilarating experience. Feeling the wind in their wings and natural curiosity will prompt E23 to venture farther. M15 and F23 will soon entice E23 with food to fly to other places in the pasture and territory. E23 is already a beautiful flyer and is honing flight skills and landings. E23 exploring the ground and bathing in the pond will be more milestones.

M15 and F23 roost away from the nest tree as E23 gains more independence. E23 has been perching on the attic branch overnight. A pesky owl struck E23 off the branch, causing E23 to drop down toward the tree base. E23’s instincts to get off the ground kicked in. E23 flew to a low branch in a front pine for the night. E23 was getting a lesson on being bombarded by the little birds at dawn. E23 will have to endure so much in life away from the nest, and survival lessons will come quickly. E23’s new big world is there for the taking as a free-flying raptor! Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

“Team 23” Watches The Area, E23’s Morning On The Veranda, The Owl Family Perching 03.05.24

Look At Me “Go-Go-Go”!! E23 Hovers Above The Nest 03.11.24

E23’s High Hover Over The Nest ~ Embraces The Breeze & Studies Tree Branches 03.11.24

“Busy Bouncy Ball” E23 Scores A+ In Branching & Landings 03.14.24

Video by Androcat (captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles 3-4-24. Moments in Time: E23, Wing Flapping, + Adorable Views; The Two-23’s!

SWFL Eagles 3-6-24. E23 Wing Flaps Through the Storm; Mom Flies in to Stay with E23. ⛈️🩵

SWFL Eagles 3-6-24. Moments in Time: E23; Reflections of Dad💕; Branch Exploring; Wing Flapping!

SWFL Eagles 3-8-24. E23 Bites & Kicks @ Mom; Claims, Protects, & Steals the Fish; Shows Aggression!

SWFL Eagles 3-10-24. E23’s Impressive Hover “Flying in Place”; Claims Dad’s Toe Again on Delivery!

SWFL Eagles 3-13-24. The Two-23’s Together on the Attic for 1st Time; E23 Roosts on the Attic.

SWFL Eagles 3-16-24. E23/76 Days Old, Fledges at 10:51:27! Accidental Fledge w/Strong Recovery!

SWFL Eagles 3-17-24. E23 Struck by Owl, Knocked off Attic; Now in Snag; + 2 More Swoops by Owl.

Video by Lady Hawk (captures from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles ~ Look Mom! I can Branch Just Like You! 😊 E23 Winging For Mom At 9 Weeks Old! 💕💞💕 3.4.24

SWFL Eagles ~The Amazing & Beautiful E23💕 Dad & Nest Tree Reflected In Eye! M15 Brings A Fish 3.6.24

SWFL Eagles ~E23 REACHING NEW HEIGHTS! Branching To Spike & Outer Veranda! Flapping & Winging 3.6.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Winging In The Rain ☔ Up & Down Veranda! M Brings Fish & E23 Jumps Down & Mantles


SWFL Eagles ~ F23 Chases Off Sub Adult Circling Nest! MLiz Photos & E23 Flapping & Squeeing 3.12.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 BRANCHES TO ATTIC 73 DAYS OLD Perfect Dismount To Nest To Claim Dad’s Prey 3.13.24

SWFL Eagles 💗 Precious Moments F23 & Her Mini 23 💗 Hanging 4, Preening & Winging For Mom! 3.14.24


SWFL Eagles ~ Funny Tale Of The Turtle! 🐢 F23 Takes Off Nest To Pond, M15 Tries To Steal! 😂 3.15.24

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 & F23 Both Bring In Turtles! 🐢🐢 E23 Steals & Tug-O-Turtle With Mom! 3.15.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 ACCIDENTALLY FLEDGES 76 DAYS OLD 🐦 Triumphant Return To Attic Next To Mom! 3.16.24

SWFL Eagles ~ Dad Brings Two Celebratory Fish For E23 On Fledge Day! 🐟🐟 3.16.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 On Snag Morning After Owl Strike 💗 AMAZING FLIGHT BACK TO NEST! F23 Feeds 3.17.24

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