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SWFEC Nest Notes: M15, F23, and E23 Spend Family Time Together

Family time. (Courtesy of SWFEC)

M15 and F23 are fulfilling their purpose and have prepared E23 exceptionally well for life in the wild. E23 has become a fierce competitor for food, which will be the biggest challenge. E23 aggressively fended off F23 to keep the prey, just what she wanted to see E23 do. E23 protects and commands the nest tree and pasture even though the small birds disagree. Bluejays, mockingbirds, and shrikes pester and annoy E23. When E23 has had enough, a flight to another tree provides cover for a while.

M15 and F23 are usually not in the immediate area but are within the territory. They prompt E23 to seek them out and search for food away from the nest tree. M15 took prey from the nest to Yonder Pond, where E23 was exploring.  E23 spent a day and a half there enjoying the peacefulness. Dad, Momma, and F23 relaxed together in the nest tree on a special evening. They may all sense that the days together as a family are waning.

E23 appears restless as the desire to wander is the natural progression for Juvenile Eagles. E23 is clever and possesses an inherent drive for adventure. E23 has the tools and instincts to carry along the way, and when the time is right, take to the sky to become a majestic Eagle. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Ground video by Androcat

SWFL Eagles 4-15-24. M15 Takes His Delivery to Yonder Pond to E23; E23 Takes a Dip.

SWFL Eagles 4-19-24. E23 Chases Dad Home for Breakfast; Swallows the Pelt!

Ground video by wskrsnwings

E23 At Yonder Pond “Cove” 04.16.24

Independent E23 – Not Even Deterred By A Persistent Shrike 04.22.24

Video by Androcat (ground video and captures from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles 4-16-24. E23 Returns to Cam View on Tuesday! Close Views, + Cam Ops Tracks E23!

SWFEC 4-16-24. M15 Gets All Spiffied Up at the Pond 🦅🏝️🛁; F23 Goes Wading, Maybe Bathing…😊

SWFL Eagles 4-17-24. E23 Aggressively Protects the Food, Bites Mom’s Foot & Beak, + Kicks Her. 😳

SWFL Eagles 4-18-24. E23 Snaps a Branch; Soars; Mockingbirds, Shrikes & Jays Pester E23.

SWFL Eagles 4-21-24. The Two-23’s Play Catch Me If You Can with a Bone; E23 Soars with a Hitchhiker!

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles ~ Squee 23 Is Back Home After Roosting Elsewhere & Hanging At Yonder Pond! 😂 4.16.24


SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Gets Dive Bombed By Mockingbirds! Flies Off To Escape! 🐦 Soaring The Skies 4.18.24

SWFL Eagles 💗 The Entire Family Together On The Attic! Precious Moments With M15, F23 & E23! 4.19.24

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Brings A Furry UFO & Opossum! E23 Is Hot On Dad’s Tail To Claim Them! 🐥📢 4.19.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 At Pond Bottom Dipping & Playing w/ A Stick 😂 F23’s Bath & Horses Flush M 4.19.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Soars The Skies Till Out Of View! Playtime At Pond Hopping & Chasing Birds 4.21.24

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