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swfec nest notes: E23 at 120 days old is ready and able

Impressive E23 (courtesy of SWFEC camera)

M15 and F23 were home more throughout the last week. They each brought prey to the nest. Dad waited for E23 to arrive and claim the food. Momma was not as patient and proceeded to eat her catch, a reminder to E23 to be on the lookout for an easy meal. Mastering hunting will be trial and error for the first few years. E23 practiced fishing in the pond with good technique.

E23 has impressive flying skills, dodging the smaller chasing birds. E23 appears to float through the sky, soaring and exploring. E23 experiences the feeling of freedom and independence in beautiful flights around the territory. E23 spends longer hours away from the nest tree, and then the familiar sound of squee is heard as E23 arrives.

M15 and F23 have nurtured and cultivated E23 from a precious hatchling to an incredible Juvenile Eagle. There is a sense that one of the daily expeditions will take E23 off on the voyage of a lifetime. E23 is ready and able to navigate the next part of the journey through Eagle life. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Ground Video by Androcat

SWFL Eagles 4-24-24. E23 Goes Soaring on Wednesday! (Ground video.)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Independent E23 – Not Even Deterred By A Persistent Shrike 04.22.24

E23 – Great Flying Skills & Perch Spot Selections With Antics Thrown In 04.25.24

Video by Androcat (ground video and captures from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles 4-21-24. E23 Chases Starlings; Carries, Investigates Lumber, Perches on Block & Pipe.

SWFL Eagle 4-22-24. The Greatest Dad of All Delivers ACF (fish), Guards it Until E23 Arrives.🐟😋🥰

SWFL Eagles 4-22-24. Moments in Time: E23, Stunning Close-up Views; 113 Days Old.

SWFL Eagles 4-22-24. E23 Meets Up with Dad @ the Pond; Anhinga & Great Blue Heron Fishing the Pond

SWFL Eagles 4-23-24. E23 Joins Dad at the Pond for Sips & a Talk: Both Fly to the Office Oak.

SWFL Eagles 4-24-24. E23 Fishing Attempt/Practice & Swooping Muscovy Ducks; Ground + Cam video.

SWFL Eagles 4-24-24. E23’s Early Evening Bath; The Herd; Pond Life: Birds E23 Can Steal From.

SWFL Eagles 4-25-24. E23 Soars in the Morning, then Takes an Afternoon Dip in the Pond! 🦅🏝️🛁

SWFL Eagle Cam 4-25-24. The Greatest Dad of All Does it Again! M15 Catches/Saves a Fish for E23! 😋

SWFL Eagles 4-26-24. E23, Beautiful Soaring on Friday! Cam + Ground Video.

SWFL Eagles 4-26-24. Moments in Time: E23, 117 Days Old; Cherish Every Moment. 💕

SWFL Eagles 4-27-24. Owl Juvie Lands in the Nest Tree; E23 & Owl Juvie Fly from the Nest Tree.

SWFL Eagle Cam 4-27-24. Dad Delivers Fish with E23 Racing Him Back to the Nest!

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Has A Bone To Pick With Mom! 😂 Chases F23 & Takes Her Bone Nestover! 4.21.24

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Delivers Fish & Waits For E23! INTRUDER FLYING OVER NEST – E23 GUARDS FOOD 4.22.24

SWFL Eagles ~ Gorgeous Closeups & Glamour Shots Of E23 At Sunset ~ 113 Days old! 4.22.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Joins Dad At Pond! Bottom Dips & Running Along Bank! 😊 💕 4.22.24

SWFL Eagles ~ Squee 23 Flies To Pond To Be Close To Dad! 😂 Finding Treasures & Bottom Dips! 4.23.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23’s FIRST FISHING ATTEMPT!! 🐟👍 PLUS E23 Swoops Ducks Three Times At Pond! 4.24.24

SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Delivers Squirrel & E23 Is HOT On His Trail To Claim It! E23 Swallows Pelt 4.24.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Soars The Skies 🐦 M Brings Eyeless Fish! 😲 Shrikes Pester & E Claims Fish 4.25.24

SWFL Eagles ~ Immature Eagle Follows E23 & Lands On Treetop! E23 Defends! Amazing Closeups 💕 4.26.24

SWFL Eagles ~ E23 Chases Dad Back To Nest! Mantles & Claims The Fish! 🐟 4.27.24

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