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Weekly Nest Notes- Oct. 8th- A New Season Begins!

Harriet and M15 are working to ready their nest for a new generation of offspring. Time off allowed them to renew themselves and restore energy for their grand endeavor. Harriet stopped by for an occasional visit to her beloved nest and territory throughout the summer months. The nest and tree held fast over the break. As the new Nesting Season approached, Harriet and M15 made more appearances, perched together, added sticks and grasses to the nest and engaged in all their bonding behaviors. M15 delivered a fish gift for Harriet… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes- Oct. 8th- A New Season Begins!

Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” Soars Into Season 2

The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (SWFEC) is pleased to announce the area’s most beloved pair of bald eagles has returned to the area for nesting season and live streaming went live October 1, the first official day of Florida’s nesting season.  With season one of the SWFEC reaching global success and garnering over 16 million views and worldwide media coverage, the primary goal continues to be education and learning.  WATCH LIVE HERE: To insure not a moment of action is missed, this year’s streaming will feature two high-definition camera angles… Read More »Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” Soars Into Season 2