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Trusting in Nature- Nest Notes for March 29-April 5

Eagle Life for Harriet and E6 has taken an interesting direction since Ozzie’s accident and stay in the wildlife clinic, C.R.O.W. The first week was filled with tense moments as several juvenile, sub adult and adult Eagles frequented the nest territory. E6 was entering the critical time of preparing for the initial flight from the nest tree. Harriet seemed visibly confused by the perceived loss of her mate but driven by her instinct to feed and protect E6. Harriet seemed to allow herself a few days to accept and adjust… Read More »Trusting in Nature- Nest Notes for March 29-April 5

Incubating & Waiting- Nest Notes for Dec 7-13

Cooler and crisper weather seemed to suit Harriet and Ozzie well this week. There were beautiful sunrises, stunning sunsets, lovely flights around the nest territory and a lot of activity in between. Perfectly timed flights into and away from the nest continued as Harriet and Ozzie tirelessly incubate their precious eggs. The time is drawing near for the rewards of their labor of love. Harriet assumes the majority of time on the nest incubating but Ozzie is always willing and eager to share in the duties. He has been diligent… Read More »Incubating & Waiting- Nest Notes for Dec 7-13

Do you see what I see??? Harriet at the pond today. (Photo: Gail Reid Campbell) #eagle #eagles #eaglecam #swfl #swfleaglecam #baldeagle #birdpic #reflection #pond #birdingphotography #birdphotography #birding #bird #nature (at Southwest Florida Eagle Cam)