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Weekly Nest Notes: Team Work

The nesting season is progressing and the possibility of eggs looks promising. Harriet and M15 have been steadily working on nest enhancements bringing larger branches for railings and some soft nesting materials for eggs. Their teamwork is paying off as the nest takes shape with the beginnings of a nest bowl. M15’s instincts are in full force as his skills in branch choice and arrangement are sharpening. Harriet seems to still be in charge when they wrangle over the right placement of nest material. Their bond as a mated Eagle… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Team Work

Harriet & Ozzie will spend the next few weeks building up the nest with tree limbs, moss and other natural materials. (Photo: David Eppley) #eagle #eagles #baldeagle #eaglecam #swfleaglecam #nature #birdpic #birdwatching #earthpix #picofday #raptor (at Southwest Florida Eagle Cam)