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Persistence & Perseverance- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15 are taking all the necessary steps toward cementing the bond that has been developing over the last several months. It has been said that Eagles mate for life however there are perils along the way. Harriet tragically lost her devoted mate Ozzie. Young suitor M15 arrived on the scene, persisted, persevered and has been at Harriet’s side. One theory is that they are not considered a bonded pair until they raise young together. This may be the first chance for M15 to do just that. Harriet’s invaluable… Read More »Persistence & Perseverance- Weekly Nest Notes

Where were you? Nest Activity for Dec 5

Harriet began calling to Ozzie before sunrise. Where art thou, Ozzie? Harriet seemed to become impatient as the morning went on. Ozzie arrived on the nest at 7:23 am, much later than he had in the past. Harriet let Ozzie know a few things before she departed the nest tree and continued to vocalize from her perch in the camera 2 tree. Ozzie resumed the incubating duties of their precious eggs, spending the morning rolling the eggs and fluffing up the nest bowl. SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Thursday, December 05, 2013… Read More »Where were you? Nest Activity for Dec 5