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Special Nest Notes: E14 is Here!

Harriet and M15 spent countless hours protecting and incubating their cherished Eggs. They each took long breaks away from their nest duties possibly knowing that hatch time was approaching. They may also have sensed their workload will ramp up once eaglets arrive. Feeding and tending to their growing babies requires a lot of energy. M15 made sure the pantry was stocked with fish in anticipation of the new arrivals. Harriet and M15 have realized their reward as E14 began the hatching process and completely emerged from the shell on December… Read More »Special Nest Notes: E14 is Here!

Share your Favorite Memories of E4- Sunday May 4, 5-10pm ET

Did you fall in love with E4 and rest of the eagle family this season? Going to have withdraws when E4 leaves the area? Share you favorite memories, milestones, photos & videos during a special chat session Sunday, May 4, 2014 5pm – 10pm ET. All are welcome to stop by and say hello and join in on the conversation.  We will not be closing up shop until after E4 leaves the area but will be disabling SS after May 4. 

And Then There Were Two: Daily Summary for Nov. 21

And Then There Were TwoSWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Wednesday, November 20, 2013Summary by DadsJazz Screen capture from video by dragonlainey As all the enthusiastic followers of this wonderful eagle pair watched in anticipation, Harriet graced us with an extra special delivery this evening with her egg number 2 at 6:18 pm. Many had viewed in awe as the first egg was laid on Sunday, November 17. Hours were spent anticipating the next delivery and that special moment was barely noticed as Beautiful Harriet lay incubating precious egg number 1. About 40… Read More »And Then There Were Two: Daily Summary for Nov. 21