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Weekly Nest Notes: Growing & Learning (Jan. 7, 2020)

Harriet and M15 have watched E14 growing before their eyes over the last 2 weeks.  At hatching time E14 weighed about 2 ounces and was 3 inches tall. Now approaching 3 weeks, E14 is about a foot tall and weighs close to 3 pounds. E14 is mostly covered with darker grey thermal down feathers to help regulate their body temperature. E14 is alert and strong in between long naps that produce more growing spurts. Feet are bumping out quickly and little wings are developing pin feathers. E14 preens those sprouting… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Growing & Learning (Jan. 7, 2020)

Twists & Turns of Harriet’s Life- Nest Notes for Oct. 5-11

Harriet has experienced her life being turned upside down several times over the last few years. These events happen in the blink of an eye. She experienced the loss of 2 Eaglets, E3 and E5, overcame her own balance problems and endured the eventual loss of her mate Ozzie. Harriet has exhibited her resilience and strength in adapting to her ever changing world. (Harriet- Photo Capture by Kim Peck)  Harriet was left to raise her Eaglet E6 alone when her mate Ozzie was found injured and gone for months. Observers… Read More »Twists & Turns of Harriet’s Life- Nest Notes for Oct. 5-11