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Harriet and M15’s Solid Bond- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15 are becoming more and more in sync as they continue their well timed turns at incubating. In a few short weeks their team work will hopefully reward them with two beautiful eaglets hatching into the world. Harriet and M15 have labored tirelessly to ensure this will happen. Harriet takes the overnight shift but has been seen coaxing M15 to get up and off the eggs. She uses the gentlest nudges and soft vocals in her communication to him. M15 is a great defender of his precious cargo.… Read More »Harriet and M15’s Solid Bond- Weekly Nest Notes

Special Delivery- Nest Notes Extra Edition

Harriet’s maternal instincts have come to glorious fruition as she layed her first egg of the nesting season. The much anticipated event took place at 4:25 pm on December 19, 2015. Harriet spent overnight in the nest as blustery and cooler weather arrived in the area. In the early morning Harriet moved to perch on the old cam tree. M15 arrived and was lying in the nest. They then flew off toward the South East together. Later Harriet and M15 returned to the nest with a sub adult Eagle following… Read More »Special Delivery- Nest Notes Extra Edition