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Weekly Nest Notes: Time to Discover the World

E15 and E16 are nearing the time for them to each make their way to discover the world. They have keen instincts and are well schooled in ways of Eagle life. They have been engaging and sharpening skills over the weeks and seem ready for new experiences.  They keep a close watch for Harriet and M15 and an eye on each other just in case a meal is brought in. They have learned that Eagles and other birds may lead them to prey where they will have to use their… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Time to Discover the World

Weekly Nest Notes: Wings in the Breeze

E12 and E13 earn top marks as they surpass many milestones. They are stunning, dark feathered Beauties and are nearly the size of Mom and Dad. They are feeling the breezes flapping and hopping away with gloriously expanding wings, growing stronger and more confident. They are acutely aware of all the activities in and around the nest, tracking the skies and beyond. By week’s end, E12 performed an impressive mantle, rushing at Dad’s food delivery with wings open wide, claiming the fish and keeping it for their own.  E13 observed… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Wings in the Breeze

The Nature of Eagle Life- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15 are following nature’s calling by continuing to build their bond and rebuild the nest to welcome a new generation of eaglets. Harriet instincts are solid as she surveys the nest each morning and takes flight to a nearby tree to find just the right branch. Harriet prefers to break branches and sticks from trees and M15 seems to have a stash of soft grasses and sticks in the pasture that he picks from to deliver to the nest. M15 has watched Harriet grab a branch and break… Read More »The Nature of Eagle Life- Weekly Nest Notes

M15 and the Ways of Eagle Life

Eagle life has changed in the pasture as the cycle continues in a new direction. Harriet has overcome many obstacles in her path with stellar courage. Since the tragic loss of Ozzie who was her mate for many years, Harriet has grown closer to M15 the young Eagle who has been courting her over the last several months. Harriet knows that her mate must be dedicated to care for her and any future eaglets. Since this may be M15’s first time as a mate and father there are still things… Read More »M15 and the Ways of Eagle Life