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All is Calm- Nest Activity for Dec 18

Harriet had a late night out last night so her morning incubating time lasted a little longer. Ozzie treated his mate to a fish breakfast this morning. Harriet was very eager to eat her delivered meal. Harriet returned for her second round of egg sitting and was treated again by Ozzie with a second course of his freshly caught fish before noon.. There were beautiful flights to and from the camera 2 tree in the afternoon. All was calm at Ozzie and Harriet’s nest today. After sunset,Harriet returned for her night… Read More »All is Calm- Nest Activity for Dec 18

Harriet and Friends- Nest Activity for Dec 14

In approximately 7 days some changes may be occurring to begin the hatching of Ozzie and Harriet’s baby chicks. Harriet has been spending the majority of her time on the nest these past days. Ozzie brought lunch to Harriet and she vocalized her delight as she spotted him flying to the nest. Ozzie took over egg sitting while Harriet ate her lunch. She then flew off to the pond for her bath. Ozzie and Harriet’s nest area is host to a group of very spry and vocal starling birds. Some… Read More »Harriet and Friends- Nest Activity for Dec 14

Dec. 9- Activity at the Nest

Comfort and Joy Ozzie and Harriet continue to show their dedication and patience in caring for their nest, each other and their precious eggs. Although it may seem as if not much is happening in these days prior to hatching, there are many subtle differences occurring. Crucial development is going on inside their beautiful eggs.. Harriet spent time preening, stretching and nest bowl maintenance. Ozzie and Harriet shared a moment on the branch above the nest. They appear to be very comfortable with the roll each plays in this journey. Even… Read More »Dec. 9- Activity at the Nest